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the best advertising agencies in new cairo -hivead

by Hive group, from Hive innovative group, on Sep 6
Hive Ad is a digital marketing and Advertising Agency in Egypt, Dubai and Saudi Arabia
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Hive Innovative Group is one of

marketing and advertising agencies in egypt cairo

that provide digital marketing and advertising services effectively and effeciently 


Hive Innovative Group is a multi-award winning marketing and advertising agency in Egypt  specialized in digital services. Located in Cairo yet our work is extended nationally and internationally. We tend to leave our impact on brands by adding value to our clients. We provide them with all the innovative material they need to empower their business and position themselves well in the market. Since there is no limit to innovation and technology, therefore the sky is our limit when it comes to creative ideas and technological applications.  

Reaching for the minimum was never our goal; we always strive to challenge our teams to bring digital advertising a step further. Our main approach is how to translate our clients’ dreams into real outcomes, customized to serve the uniqueness of our clients’ businesses. We use this client-centric approach to help our clients’ businesses grow and stand out among their competitors.

Our teamwork is our recipe for success. Our team is a combination of creative heads, artists and web developers gathered in one place, working all together in harmony to create innovative masterpieces. We tend to create an inspiring atmosphere in our work place. This empowers us to combine what we love the most: Art & Science, to make an impact in the world of digital advertising.

Our mission is to raise the bar and change people’s mindset regarding digital advertising through providing them with creative and smart solutions that are out of the box and beyond the traditional. Moreover, our solutions are uniquely tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our main objective is to be a building block that pushes the boundaries of digital marketing and advertising, consequently changing the future of advertising through technology and creativity.

What we do?

We do not just do advertising. We do it with passion! This is exactly what makes Hive Innovative Group not a traditional digital agency. We aspire to be one of the top leading digital marketing agencies in Egypt and the Middle East region. Not only with our passion, but also through our hard work and non-stop development. We keep on challenging ourselves to keep up with the latest technologies and to present everything that is innovative and artistic, and most importantly things that are genuine and original.  Our ambitious Hivers never fear to take risks and believe in the provision of highest quality services.

We are experts in working on projects from different fields, on both levels nationally and internationally. In Hive Innovative Group, We have proudly worked with many different clients, offering them different innovative experiences in the world of digital advertising. We tend to create for each client what suits their business the best. Our Hivers keep challenging themselves in creating all what you imagine of full media services including: branding services, video production, 2D & 3D motion graphics, corporate videos, social media marketing, mobile applications and web development services. In addition to, virtual, augmented and mixed reality services as well as hologram services. This is not everything, sometimes creativity directs us to think out of the box in terms of technology. Accordingly, we try to mix different technologies that were never used together before or we find new techniques. Here we are ready to innovate that kind of technology to serve what creativity needs.

How we can help your business through our services?

Since our clients are the main priority, we make sure to guide them to maintain the balance between presenting unique advertising material and at the same time reach business growth. We inspire our teams to be the best and eventually we help our clients to be the best in the market. Because we succeed when our clients succeed.

First, we start by assessing the needs of your own business. We introduce to you all the services that we provide and make recommendations for the services that would benefit your business and would efficiently fulfill these needs. Our goal is to help our clients create memorable customer experiences through our services. An experience that allows the users to understand the brand message through their direct interaction with some digital elements that attach them to the brand. Simply put, we leave the audience with an unforgettable experience while drawing their attention to a product. Advertising is all about fun, but with us, the pleasure is doubled!

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