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The most important blockchain & crypto events in Autumn 2019

by Administrator, on Sep 2
Let’s take a look at the list of the most powerful events in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields this autumn.
The most important blockchain   crypto events in autumn 2019

Cryptolina 2019

Place and date: 10 Sep 2019, North California

The event “Cryptolina” is based in North California. This event gathers tech and non-tech communities to make the future come sooner. At the conference, you will get a sufficient knowledge about monetization strategy, blockchain and cryptocurrency application in different industries. In addition, you can present your startup or get inspired by others.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Cryptolina 2019

Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit

Place and date: September 20, Singapore ▶ Event in Singapore 

Place and date:  November 29, Dublin ▶ Event in Dublin

The event is dedicated to improving your business with the blockchain technology. Here you will learn real cases and learn how your company can benefit from it now. Listen to speeches about the development of blockchain technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counterparties and payment systems, and define what it means for you.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit

Disrupt SF 2019

Place and date: October 2-4, San Francisco

Disrupt, the great annual event invites everybody who is interested in tech. Here is a place for those who are looking for funding, job opportunities, partners or co-founders. Disrupt will help you to find the right people. There are also Startup Alley where over 1000 pre-series A startups and sponsors show their products, platforms and services. There is also an opportunity to present yourself for free. You could be selected by the editorial team for the exhibition.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Disrupt SF 2019

We also want to invite you to the meetup “Tomorrow’s Future”, the newest edition by Scale Network in collaboration with the HWZ Alumni, InnMind and, where the emerging technologies elite of Zurich gathers to talk about disruption & revolution within different industries in the future!
⭐ Daniel Döller designed and implemented the world's first Blockchain stamp (Crypto Stamp) and established DLT at Austrian Post. In addition, he is one of the founding members of "Blockchain Austria". At the event, Daniel will provide us with two real case examples where blockchain was and will be introduced. 
⭐ Steffen Konrath is the founder of LIQUID NEWSROOM and Co-Founder of evAI. With AI Suisse Steffen drives Switzerland's largest community with a focus on artificial intelligence. 
☑ Date:03 October 2019, 17:30
Entrance: free

Paris Blockchain Summit

Place and date: October 4-5, Paris

This Summit is the largest event dedicated to the distributed systems in France. It gatherers well-known influencers, investors, government representatives, blockchain developers, law firms and service providers in one place. There will be +1200 attendees and more than 35 speakers not only from France. At the event, you will listen to speakers from the United Kingdom, USA, Russia, India, etc:

  • Catalin Ivan, Member of EU Parliament;
  • Tone Vays, researcher, Bitcoin;
  • Aleksandra Los, founder Lambo, and others.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Paris Blockchain Summit


Place and date: October 14-15, Yerevan, Armenia

The event is aimed to demonstrate the business opportunities of Armenia. 500+ participants and 50 + speakers and global blockchain professionals will be gathered together for productive dialogue and sharing best practices. 


  • Tigran Khachatryan, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia;
  • Henri Arslanian, Chairman, Fintech Association of Hong Kong;
  •  Ben Banerjee, President, Swiss Impact Investment Association;
  •  Yuri Pripachkin, President, Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain.

The event program consists of panel discussions, roundtables, presentations and exhibition.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: ChainPoint

Crypto Invest Summit

Place and date: October 15-16, Los Angeles

The slogan of this event is “Blockchain, Technology, Investing”.The summit is aimed to tell you about how blockchain and tokens can change the world, how to apply it successfully in your business and help you to find investors for your idea’s implementation. 150+ speakers will share their thoughts and experience in Q&A sessions with 5000+ attendees. 1500+ investors are expected to come to Crypto Invest Summit.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Crypto Invest Summit

Blockchain Life 2019

Place and date: October 16-17, Moscow

This is the annual biggest event in Russia and Europe dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency. There will be 6000+ attendees from 70+ countries. The event brings together everybody who is interested in blockchain, from global industry leaders to the beginners in this area. Amongst the attendees and speakers, there will also be business owners, startups, investors, miners, blockchain developers and government officials.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Blockchain Life 2019

World Blockchain STO Summit 2nd Edition

Place and date: October 21-22, Dubai

Following the success of World Blockchain STO Summit in April, there is the next world Blockchain STO Summit, that will gather blockchain experts, investors, companies looking to do STO, solution providers, political decision-makers, etc.

Among the speakers:

  • Aaron Tsai,Chief Capitalist at MASEx and MAS Capital Inc;
  • Heslin Kim, VP Business Development at Polymath;
  • Ronny Boesing, Founder & CEO at OpenLedger.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: World Blockchain STO Summit 2nd Edition

Crypto Expo Asia 2019

Place and date: October 26, Singapore

This is the biggest crypto and blockchain forum-conference in Singapore: 50000 attendees. Attendees can participate in the exhibition and workshops, there is also Speaker Hall to listen to the best crypto experts and business owners working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Covered topics:

  • Token economy, Smart cities, How blockchain transform financial industry, Payment, E-commerce, Securities Token Offering
  • The Intrinsic Value of Stablecoins
  • European GDPR Regulations' effects on Blockchain, Traders and Forex

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Crypto Expo Asia 2019

CoinAgenda Global 2019

Place and date: October 26-28, Las Vegas

This is the sixth edition of CoinAgenda where professional investors, traders, family offices and digital currency funds and top entrepreneurs get together.CoinAgenda Global will feature leaders from around the world, with a special focus on the rise of security tokens, enterprise applications, and changes in the digital currency funding vehicles and digital currency exchanges.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: CoinAgenda Global 2019

World Crypto Conference 2019

Place and date: October 29-31, Las Vegas

At the event, you will get 3 days of intense discussions, product demos, expert keynote addresses, panel discussions with industry thought leaders and announcements from the best and brightest. This year, there are two streams: WCC DevCon and WCC MINE. 

WCC DevCon will bring together developers from major blockchain foundations to find solutions to community problems.WCC MINE will gather all segments of blockchain infrastructure, from block producers to mining pools. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about cloud mining and energy transmission, find out equipment suppliers and industry leaders.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: World Crypto Conference 2019

Blockchain Expo

Place and date: November 13-14, Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley

Blockchain Expo is the world-leading event. You can see the most cutting-edge technologies from more than 350 exhibitors and provide insight from over 500 speakers.

The spaces will be separated in a few zones by topics:

  • Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise
  • Blockchain Platforms & Strategies
  • Crypto & Digital Asset Investment
  • Innovations & Investors Zone
  • Blockchain for Business
  • Fintech & Regulation

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Blockchain Expo


Place and date: 27th November, Dubai, UAE ▶ Event in Dubai

Place and date: October 2019, San Francisco ▶ Event in San Francisco 

This Summit is the region's leading blockchain event. Organizers promise plenty of how-to case studies from over 350 leaders, investors, business decision-makers, etc. At the event you can discuss blockchain impact on Finance, Insurance, Retail, Supply Chain through roundtables and panel discussions.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Blockchain Expo

BlockShow Asia 2019

Place and date: November 14-15, Singapore

This event is organized by Cointelegraph, one of the most respected independent blockchain media. There are great opportunities for startups. For example, one billion dollars has been raised in total during all BlockShow conferences. In addition, at the event, you can get insights from speakers:

  • Richard Wang, Venture Capitalist, Partner at DFJDragon Fund/DraperDragon Fund;
  • Max Kordek, Co-Founder and President at Lisk, Co-Founder and CEO at Lightcurve;
  • Jehan Chu, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kenetic, Co-Founder Social Alpha Foundation (SAF) and others.

👉 Follow the link to learn more: Blockchain Expo

AI & Blockchain Summit 

Place and date: November 19-21, Barcelona, Spain

This time the third edition of Blockchain Leadership Summit will be held in Barcelona as a part of Smart City World Congress. AI & Blockchain Summit will perform the program dedicated to blockchain, AI, IoT for enterprise and government sectors through exhibitions and presentations. Smart City World Congress connects 30000+ attendees with 400+ speakers from 140+ countries to gain knowledge and experience that might have a direct effect on some countries’ near future.

Join a 3-day program and listen to skeptics and believers on how technologies can disrupt the major industry sectors. Learn about innovation implementations for Smart City, Data Management, Fintech, Mobility and Smart Government, connected with cross-sectors IOT, AI and Deep Tech.

Here are great opportunities for startups to meet VCs, startup accelerators, early-stage investors, family offices, etc.

Reserve your spot today! 👉 Follow the link to learn more: AI & Blockchain Summit 


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