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European Venture Capital Market - report Q2 2016

by Administrator, on Aug 7
The biggest questions which everyone in Europe asks now are connected with Brexit. It is also relevant for start-ups ecosystem: what would be the consequences of Britain’s exit from the EU for entrepreneurs and investors?
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PitchBook together with Merrill Corporation has prepared a report about activities on Venture Capital market in Q2 2016. Ekaterina Voronova from InnMind had a quick look at the main figures presented in this report. First of all, so far we can observe the decrease in VC activity compared to 2015. It is still quite early to say, but the activity seems to be closer to 2014 results. VCs have already invested 5.4 bln euro in 1,279 deals within first 6 months of 2016, compared to the total results equal to 10.5 bln euro in 4,231 deals in 2014 and 14.6 bln euro in 3,641 deals in 2015. That also shows that the closed deals this year are higher in value than in 2014....

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