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Link Building Guide: How to Turn It from Poor to Fantastic

by Prashant Sharma, on Aug 14
You have just entered the SEO fray and after carefully creating some worthwhile links you are sure you are safe. The traffic you wanted on your website would be coming in huge numbers and you would be sure that you are on the right track.
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However, within a few days, Google’s whip would come tracking and you could be penalized for purchasing links and that is where your dream run ends. Is this situation familiar to you as well then let us tell you the method through which you can escape the menace. Read on to know how to change your links from fantastic in a matter of a few days.

Internal linking

First and foremost your pages should have internal linking which builds trust within Google and enhances the quality of your links. Generally, people ignore this aspect when it comes to working on the SEO of their website. Just by adding another link of your blog to a popular keyword mentioned elsewhere you improve the page authority and decrease the bounce rate faced.

In case you are able to do so on your own contacting link building services is the next step you must take. SEOOutreachers has been handling link building for their clients for a long time and can help you build your internal links and thus improve the crawl ability and indexation of your website. With their guidance and knowledge, the problem of poor link building would be addressed in a pretty quick time.

Year jacking

For a web searcher, a lot of links are relevant only because it mentions the current year. This is because they believe that this particular link is going to target the issue as it exists in the present situation. Hence if you add the present year in the title the impact of the blog increases. Apart from that always mention words like the top, best discover, free, get, most, cheapest, easiest, etc. to make the reader believe that you eventually have something which they would love to read.

Local business citations

In case you are operating your business at the local level then understand the importance of local searchers. Local link building can be a great tool in getting your customers on your website. These local citations have three terms mainly, Name, address, and phone number. Adding the same address as mentioned on the website helps as Google would most likely verify the same. Mostly if you go through city-specific listings you may get multiple websites in the same field and you can pursue them for some good and constructive links for yourself.


Another way to change your links to worthy ones is to incorporate infographics in them. Customers love it when the information is concise and an infographic makes sure of that. However, you need to keep a few things in mind while creating one. You have to see that the content you put is valuable to the customer set you are targeting. Also, limit its size to 1500-2000 pixels so that it can be downloaded and viewed quickly. Stick to the use of a maximum of three colors and two fonts so as to not make it too garish. Lastly, make sure that there is a 200-300 word introduction that has all the relevant keywords that are required to push the link on top of the search rankings.

Build links from trusted sites

The Internet is full of spam sites and Google is the authority to block them. Continuously it weeds out irrelevant sites that do not have anything worthy to offer. It could be that your site would be the next on the list. To avoid that only build your links on websites which have a strong follower base and can boost your ranking too. Apart from that do not opt for a website that is not related to your field at all. When you do that the Google algorithms notice it and you have to pay a penalty for the same. Moreover, if you build a lot of links in quite a short time then again you may come in the line of fire. While building links go slow and steady and only pick the best sites so that there is no scope of being treated as spam.

Question-based sites

If you have not yet tried this method, it is time you think about it. Websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Wiki answers are destinations where customers go to find answers to their queries. If you can solve their doubts by posting about your product they are going to click on your link and land on the website. Converting them to a regular customer then becomes an easy task to achieve. However, while using these sites you have to take care that the content you sure is not forced and people find it easy to navigate over to your website.


If your website is being marked as a spam site you have to quickly act on it. The moment you notice a fall in the traffic get in action and then use the above tactics to get your links change in a positive direction. Sometimes it is difficult for anyone to incorporate the right strategies in quick succession. To save time and effort you can contact They are quite adept at link building and are going to change the future prospects of your website. By creating and maintaining strong inbound links they place your brand in the consumer’s mind space and this gets you the profit that you were looking at.

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