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11 Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies To Use in 2019

by Robert Jordan, from InfoClutch, on Aug 13
Lead generation strategy for a B2B organization differs from one company to the other. As they belong to different industries, one should develop a strategy which suits the needs and requirements of that organization.
High quality b2b content for lead generation

A rightly said by Mark Twain, ”Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” It means that one needs to experiment and follow the uncommon tactics not used by other marketers. It will lead you to the unexplored arena and business opportunities for your organization; some degree of diversity and tactics can help in developing the best strategy suitable for your organization.

When you dive deeper into developing the best B2B lead generation strategy, you get better and new ideas to create the required one which aligns with the strategy of your organization.

Find out some of the techniques which helps in driving new leads for your sales team:

Website optimization

Do you know optimizing the website not only improvises the look and feel of the website but also increases the number of quality leads to the website?

Website optimization requires a lot of effort; one needs to check the site speed, website errors, execute proper keyword research, and others for developing a perfect and optimized website.

  • Fixing the broken pages

When you dig deeper into the website and start looking for errors, you become aware of the mistakes already existing in the website. Most of the businesses adapted this approach to find out if there are errors and technical glitches, causing website visitors to leave the website early or just not getting converted.

  • Keyword research to drive organic traffic

Marketers have to execute proper keyword research and find the right one for inserting it into the landing page, resulting in driving more organic traffic. If required you can use the Google Keyword planner which helps in a wide range of the search terms; it also gives an idea how often the term has been searched, and the competition which that specific keyword has over other similar words. It is necessary to find as many relevant keywords for your organization that have higher search numbers and low competition. This tactic can prove to be very useful for your organization, bringing the right leads to your website.

Content marketing

Content marketing provides the right value to the end-user and helps in the lead generation process. With much of the content already floating in the search engine results, you just need to update and repurpose the existing content for reaching out to a wider audience. Repurposing the existing content requires less effort and investment.

 Segregating the existing blogs which have worked well in the search engines and further repurposing it, helps the performance of the page in the organic search. This also helps in improving user experience and finding answers as per their intent.

Guest blogging has become an important part of content marketing. Marketers are approaching the website owner having higher Domain Authority (DA) to get a good exposure for their content, but that does not necessarily mean websites having higher DA is a good fit for your content and for your business.

For this, you have to compile a list of the non-competitor websites for the guest blogs, research on the audience, and subject before pitching it to the owner or editor. It’s better to analyze the topics which they cover, the social engagement which they have on the websites, the category of the audience which they have, and finally, align with your goals and your potential customer’s goal.

The other forms of content such as high-quality videos, infographics, Q&A blogs helps in targeting C-level executives of various companies and industries.

Comment marketing

Leaving comments on other websites have become a popular tactic to gain attention among prospects and similar industry leaders. It gives the required brand recognition if done in the right way.

Comment should be made in a subtle and tasteful way to avoid sounding as self-promotion strategy. As a marketer, ensure that your business name is reflected in your screen. A well-thought comment on any blog post or article can project you as a thought-leader in the specific industry or topic.

Analyzing the backlinks of your competitor

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, and if you are wondering how your competitor’s website always rank better than your website, then you can try the skyscraper technique. It’s just finding the most linked content of your competitor, creating better content, and finally STEALING their backlink.


Check the above example, where you can see how the best-linked content is analyzed. If you are curious to know from where your competitors are getting backlinks, then Ahref is one of the best tools to help you out in this process.

Targeting the competitor’s keywords

There are many tools like Ahrefs, which helps in uncovering the keywords that are already being ranked higher for your competitor. By understanding for which of the keywords your competitor is getting the most traffic, you can optimize your site to rank higher for the same keywords, but before that one needs to analyze whether that specific keyword will help in higher conversion rate.

Finding new keyword opportunities:

Google Analytics helps you out in this approach. They find out the new and hidden keywords for looking at the long tail traffic visiting the website. The long-tail keywords have lower search volume but a higher conversion rate, which is your main motive.

Generating more conversions from the mobile

As the majority of the users search the content in the mobile, it has become an absolute necessity to optimize the content for mobile. Google even penalizes the website, which is not optimized for the mobiles. Marketers should ensure that they do not lose out any high-end lead to poor quality and mobile irresponsive websites. Your developer can best help you in developing such kind of websites.

Recording website visitors

There are some tools like HotJar, which helps in recording user sessions on the website. This software tracks the mouse movement and clicks of each of the visitor. It also helps in analyzing why a website visitor is not getting converted. Analyzing the complete records will give better insights for planning a better lead generation strategy.

Engaging visitors with Livechat

LiveChat is essential to keep the visitors engaged and interested. If they have any queries, they can ask via the LiveChat.  Most of the times, it has been seen that prospects will be hugely interested in purchasing the product or service and a little push through LiveChat by answering the relevant queries in real-time leads to sure-shot conversions.

Social media

Social media is known to be an integral part of content marketing and to a specific extent, a part of search marketing. One can become a thought leader in Twitter by posting and retweeting the relevant content from their in-house content developers or high-end business websites. It has proven to be extremely beneficial as the audience start valuing your content, which they think as useful and knowledgeable.

LinkedIn also helps in this respect as most of the high-profile business leaders and experts are available on this platform.

Email marketing

Email marketing is never going to lose its sheen for many years to come. Sending cold emails to the prospects or developing some creative best email templates can improve the click-through rate and open rate to an unimaginable level. As a marketer, you have to keep analyzing the tactics to attract more potential customers to grow the business results.

You can send an email where the content is connected the old blogs and the frequently asked questions, which helps in maintaining relationship and keeping them engaged.


B2B lead generation strategy is one of the needful processes in an organization. Without having quality leads an organization cannot survive in the industry. So, as a marketer, you have to follow the best tactics and trends for attracting quality leads and converting them to get ahead in the competition.

InfoClutch is a leading B2B data provider with visions to empower marketers in finding potential customers of their liking. We offer niche segmented prospect database much needed for successful revenue generation. Our technology database includes SAP, Salesforce, AWS, MS Dynamics & many more technologies that are capable of multiplying subscribers list with the quickest turnaround time. The list will enable rolling out tailored campaigns relevant to consumers through a clear cut understanding of client requirement. You will gain a full upper hand over competitors by successfully converting leads into paying customers.

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