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Why Call Center Dialers are Important for Sales Managers?

by Ambreen Sajjad, from VT Dialer, on Aug 9
Auto dialers are not new in call center industry, they are existing since the 80’s and providing efficient lead generation,
Auto dialers

In call centers, dialing technology is considered as the most essential element that can help generate maximum sales and leads in a short time.

Call centers are relying heavily on dialers because manual dialing couldn’t help agents to generate leads as they often lead to lots of errors and mistakes.

Auto dialers are not new in call center industry, they are existing since the 80’s. But dialers have not been much popular at that time; but now with increasing sales demands, auto dialers and predictive dialers have got increased popularity especially in a call center and telemarketing industry.

There are lots of qualities of good auto dialer which have been revamped and integrated into modern sales acceleration tools, these are both good for inbound and outbound operations. Before proceeding further about how auto dialer can improve productivity and offer enhanced revenues, let’s consider what auto dialer is, and see how it's beneficial for today's sales managers working in call centers.

Redefining auto dialers & Predictive dialers:

When you search auto dialer on Google, you will find multiple results defining auto dialer and their features. And this often creates confusion on the actual uses and benefits of auto dialer. The fact is, every auto dialer is uniquely customized according to the business needs. Some auto dialers do not offer the feature of text message, but some dialers do. Auto dialer basically refers to “a device that is connected to a telephone line and based on some defined sets of algorithms. Auto dialer dials thousands of calls simultaneously and skips busy disconnected and unanswered numbers.” This is the most accurate definition you will find, other than that auto dialer software have various features customized to the needs of today’s fast-paced business.

Similarly, predictive dialers are also an important element that contributes to sales and leads conversion. They are much like auto dialers but there is a major difference between these two. Predictive dialers also dial thousands of calls automatically but after predicting the availability of an agent. If the agent is busy or not available, predictive dialer would not dial the call and wait for the agent to attend the customer.

Fixed dialing:

Fixed dialing is when sales managers define some particular number of calls to be managed by per agent. Fixed dialing mainly used for advocacy and campaigns disseminating information rather than using for sales purpose, fixed dialing can even be used for inbound sales scenarios.

Voice broadcasting:

Voice broadcasting is also called robocalling, that allows agents to send a large number of voicemails automatically to the list of numbers. Voice broadcasting often use to gather a great amount of information such as political campaigns and surveys, promoting new service, sending debt reminders or to offer some self-service channels for customers. Like IVR is a specific type of voice broadcast that need engagement from your customer such press 1 for talking to the agent, press 2 for account details and press 3 for offer subscription.

IVRs can be inbound or outbound, both the campaigns can easily be managed by the auto dialer’s feature.

Call center dialers enable businesses to make efficient sales and lead in a short time period. That’s the reason, the dialing technology is considered highly important for today’s call center businesses and help sales managers to close maximum sales in the minimum time period.

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