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Smart Ways to Deliver an Engaging PowerPoint Presentation

by Jenna Davis, from SlideTeam, on Jul 19
Have you ever tried to make an amazing PowerPoint presentation and it ended up being too boring to even look at? Well, you’re not alone!
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Making an engaging PowerPoint presentation is always a necessary prelude to a business proposal or assignment. Many times well-made slides can save your time and put your point across the table quite effectively.  So, what is the secret to making engaging PowerPoint presentations that save your time and effort, not to mention compliment your work in a positive manner?

Know Your Content Outline

Before you get started on the slides, ask yourself “What is it that I’m trying to tell my audience through my presentation?”  Once you have zeroed on the exact idea you’re going to deliver through your presentation, make yourself comfortable with how you’re going to deliver it.  Basically, you start by preparing a road map. 

Think about how you’re going to introduce your idea. Make up your mind on the many aspects you’re going to cover in your slides, and the conclusion to be drawn by the end of the presentation. Remember that, your audience will be engaged by the way you deliver your speech in addition to the use of the slides. To keep your audience engaged, your content outline should include interesting facts and figures to keep their minds busy. When your presentation doesn’t allow them to get bored and wander off, your work with delivering an engaging presentation is done! 

There’s an easy way to achieve that, become your own audience and judge your content in the same manner. 

Keeping it Simple - Too many ideas in a single slide is a bad idea. Keep your slide simple by making one point at a time. It is easier to understand and brings clarity to your vision. In fact, people listen more intently when they are intrigued by something simpler and they start paying attention. Also, there is no limit to the number of slides you can use, so use that to your advantage!

Using a Concurrent Theme - Many people make this mistake by not following a theme in their presentation. A singular theme in the presentation not only gives an appealing look to the eyes but also makes your content look more reliable and easier to understand. Make sure the color scheme, the font that you’re using are consistent in all the slides. 
There are several pre-installed themes you can use from the design section that comes in handy in case you want to make a quick presentation.  

Avoiding Blunders - Using unnecessary animations and creating extra slides is simply a waste of time and fails to make a positive impact. The content of your slides should be readable from a distance and easy to read in less than 60 seconds. Don’t forget to change the tone of your voice to make a positive impact on your audience. 

Lastly, have confidence in yourself and the idea that you’re presenting. Remember that you’re delivering your ideas through the presentation and not the other way around!

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