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How to Generate Real Estate Leads - Several Great Tips For Today's Market

by Zip Brands, from ZipBrands, on Jul 9
Andrew Thomas is Managing Director and Story Teller at ZipBrands. You can follow him on facebook also.
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Ask any real estate agent if they could use more real estate leads, and the answer will always be yes! Almost all agents are on the look out for new cost effective lead generating ideas and strategies. After all real estate leads = paying customers. The success of a real estate agent's career is primarily dependent on the number of contacts they make on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis. Networking is critical to the generation of people to talk to and regular follow-ups will ensure that you are able to up your conversion rate.

What we need to understand from this is that the more regular your interaction with people the better the chances of you being able to generate more business. And since real estate field is highly competitive, you should always be on the lookout for the best and most effective means available to gain an edge over your competition.

The strategies and tactics employed by real estate agents are dependent on technology as well as age-old wisdom and sheer experience. Here are some of my favourite strategies and method to generate prospects, so read on...

Automated Telephone Systems-

In comes technology and out go the conventional methods. Cold calling is redundant. The new buzz is automated telephone systems that can adequately answer calls from prospective leads who are calling in response to a print ad that you place with a hotline number. You can also opt for additional features such as voice mails, and document fax-back that allows floor plans or brochures can be faxed to the called directly with ease.


Ad-tracking System-

This tool helps track the response to your ad. This can prove to very helpful because it proves the effectiveness of each ad placement in terms of reaching to the target audience and generating inquiries to your business.

Personal A website is definitely the MOST important medium. With more than 80% Americans logging on to the internet to buy, sell or gather information pertaining to real estate, nothing attracts real estate leads as a personal website! Remember, that your website should offer accurate, and useful information and should be easy to navigate.

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