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AIVIA Solutions for crypto AuM

by Gregory Kalashnikov, from AIVIA, on Jun 3
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Despite the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a strong position as one of the main drivers of the digital economy of the future, the difference in volume between the classic and the crypto AuM markets is still enormous.

AIVIA has been working toward its ultimate goal: to create a solution that allows players in the classic AuM (Assets under Management) industry to embrace blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

With this goal in mind, AIVIA has developed its own protocol that allows the establishment of any financial service or activity of a financial organization on the blockchain. AIVIA’s marketing strategy is centered on product development to address the needs of the targeted customers in the rapidly growing market.

AIVIA Platform

The first development of AIVIA Platform is aimed at creating go-to-market solutions for crypto hedge funds. The Platform interface allows users to create hedge funds by using AIVIA-designed templates of configurable smart contracts. This template enables a Fund to issue its own token and its listing in the AIVIA performance rating, which provides information about the fund and its activities, sufficient for the investor to make a trading decision.

AIVIA is tirelessly working to create trust and transparency between all the participants in the AuM industry. One of our features ensures the availability of the open statistics of a fund’s performance from the moment it is deployed on the platform. Blockchain technology makes it possible for investors to see real time statistics of a fund’s performance. Thus, the investor’s confidence level increases, which is one of the most important indicators of an investment environment.

For hedge funds, AIVIA offers a fund management interface with an integrated AIVIA Trading Terminal. As a result, a fund can receive investments on the platform, automatically distribute them among the exchanges, trade on several exchanges simultaneously with the help of trading bots, and pay dividends to investors.

The investor’s AIVIA platform provides a marketplace with a crypto wallet, and the possibility of depositing and withdrawing fiat funds. Investors can invest in hedge funds based on transparent information about their activities reflected in the fund’s performance rating. Deposits can be made in several convenient cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins, prices of which are pegged to fiat currencies. Investors have opportunities to trade themselves on several cryptocurrency exchanges at once using the AIVIA Trading Terminal.

The majority of investors in cryptocurrency funds have no transparent accountability or control over the intended use of capital and return on investments. We have integrated a Custodian Layer into AIVIA Platform in order to solve this problem. This means that behind “one click”, which is what it takes investor to invest in the fund, there is a complexed financial transaction with the participation of the Custodian Service, a certified cryptocurrency custody provider.

As a result, the hedge fund manager receives limited access to investor funds distributed between exchanges in accordance with the fund’s smart contract. Limited, means the access is sufficient for trading, but not sufficient for withdrawing investor funds. Traders entrusted with the capital to trade cannot use this capital in any other way. The withdrawal of funds is initiated by the investor at any time and occurs through a certified Custodian, which creates yet another layer of investment security for the investor in crypto assets, once again increasing the trust level between investors and traders.

The tokens issued on the AIVIA platform are fully ERC20 compatible, using the advanced token standard ERC20a developed by AIVIA in order to give tokens the features not available in the ERC20 standard. One of them is the ability of the issuer to impose restrictions on the sale of a token, in accordance with corporate or institutional rules.

The ability to use stablecoins as an investment tool, advanced pay-in pay-out using fiat, open transparent statistics of funds and the highest level of investment security is the future of crypto AuM standards, and are already available on the AIVIA Platform.

AIVIA Platform is Open Beta

At the moment, AIVIA Platform is in open beta in testnet. In the Beta version the platform allows users to create a cryptocurrency investment fund in a few clicks and deploy a fund’s token based on smart contract templates. The operating version of AIVIA platform will significantly reduce the costs for Investment Funds and other financial organizations regarding deployment and operations using blockchain technology. There is no need for costly technology development and auditing of the codes. AIVIA is the answer for the AuM industry in blockchain space.

The Beta version works as a demo in testnet and enables users to deposit virtual funds into their accounts and invest in test funds based on their performance rating.

The testnet’s virtual environment simulates exchange trading for test funds. The user of the platform can replenish the account and purchase tokens of funds that fluctuate in price depending on the simulator. The user is a virtual investorand virtual funds can increase his/her wealth by investing in the best funds on the Platform.

The operating version of the platform is scheduled to launch in mid-summer 2019. At the moment there is an active development in close cooperation with the hedge funds, which will be available on the platform at the time of its launch.

AIVIA’s prospects

AIVIA aims to develop a comprehensive investment tool suitable for all players in the AuM market. AIVIA’s product is designed to address the needs and cater to the targeted market. We are creating an investment community by providing an unprecedented service for private and corporate traders, as well as investors in crypto hedge funds.

Furthermore, investors on the AIVIA platform will have new opportunities to invest in startups. AIVIA’s specialists are working on the tokenization of the venture capital investment market with our partners; this step of our Roadmap is planned to be implemented by the end of 2019. With the introduction of this functionality, startups and existing businesses will be able to conduct a full STO and other types of cryptocurrency fundraising on the AIVIA platform.

For venture capital accelerators AIVIA is developing a solution that will provide regulated step-by-step distribution of capital raised by startups in accordance with the milestones of their Roadmap.

The introduction of digital economy tools adds new opportunities for the venture investment market, such as creating a secondary venture investment market where an investor can at any time sell or buy a tokenized share of a startup without becoming attached to the usual investment rounds. It will also be available on the AIVIA Platform.

We are planning to constantly increase the blockchain functionality and templates of financial organizations deployed on the Platform. The future developments will include tokenization of insurance and charitable organizations. Also, using AIVIA Protocol, users will be able to create coins pegged to fiat currencies, natural resources and financial instruments of the stock market.

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