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AIVIA Trading Terminal: the ultimate solution for cryptocurrency traders

by Andrey Vorobyovski, from AIVIA, on May 27
The next major milestone of AIVIA — the Trading Terminal! Find out about the AMAZING features it offers in the new publication!
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AIVIA Trading Terminal is an essential part of the product ecosystem of AIVIA. It will be integrated into the interface of the Crypto Hedge Funds deployed on the AIVIA platform, and will be available as a stand-alone instrument for individual traders.

AIVIA Trading Terminal is being continuously developed and upgraded. We will be releasing the alpha version of the AIVIA Trading Terminal on May 28th in order to gain popularity and mass adoption among a community of traders. Continue reading to learn about the amazing features and possibilities AIVIA Trading Terminal has to offer!

In addition, we plan to deploy a generous bounty program for traders testing the Terminal and participating in its further development and improvement. Here are the essential features of AIVIA Trading Terminal that are designed to solve major problems the cryptocurrency trading industry is facing today.

Liquidity aggregation

AIVIA Trading Terminal has a built-in capability to support simultaneous trade on several exchanges using a single interface. No more trying to navigate through multiple interfaces of different exchanges with different tool sets. From now on, all you have to do is connect your trader accounts to AIVIA Trading Terminal and start trading on a single interface.

The list of exchanges connected via API to AIVIA Trading Terminal will be constantly growing and updated, giving traders access to more assets and trading pairs.

One of the biggest problems of the industry is the liquidity, leading to massive price slippages during the orders’ execution. AIVIA Trading Terminal solves this issue by aggregating the DOM with access to liquidity from multiple exchanges, and by implementing parent/child orders. AIVIA Terminal creates a parent order in the aggregated DOM that will be automatically divided onto several child orders on the integrated exchanges. This will enable it to drastically reduce the risk and costs related to slippage costs, because assets will be purchased at a better price.

We are planning to develop tools for aggregated statistics, summary tables, widgets, aggregated volumes and other indicators associated with liquidity.

Smart orders

Smart Orders are among the most distinct features of AIVIA Trading Terminal. This type of order enables traders to place a limit order with the stop-loss and take-profit orders linked to it without locking the balance allocated for those orders. When one of the orders is filled, it automatically cancels the other. This empowers traders to execute trades even if the trader is offline and logged off from the Terminal.

Custom indicators

Our R&D is working on the development of custom indicators for detailed market analysis.

Horizontal volumes will show the ratio of buy and sell orders for different price levels. This tool is available for classic stock trading and has never before been applied for crypto trading.

The Panic indicator works by analyzing the change in the amount of limit orders over a period of time and shows the points of exit from the flat trend.

The correlation indicators show the degree of correlation movements of trading pairs and give trading signals when the correlation schedule converges/diverges.

Cluster indicators are based on analyzing geometric shapes formed on the charts. Those indicators are very helpful for predicting the future fluctuations in the rates of trading pairs.

Cluster charts show the ratio of makers and takers inside each candle. Alerts on price levels will simplify tracking fluctuations of a large number of trading pairs.

We have a broad development roadmap of the Terminal as an advanced trading tool and are also conducting extensive custom development with traders.

Trade bots generator and backtesting

Algotrading is an important part of stock trading. Our SDK for creating trading bots will allow you to use both standard indicators and AIVIA-developed indicators to create your own trading strategy.

The Terminal is being developed to facilitate high-frequency trading. Our servers will be co-located with the servers of the connected exchanges, which will ensure fast order execution. This feature coupled with liquidity aggregation, will make the Terminal desirable for algorithmic arbitrage trading.

The most important component of algorithmic trading is the ability to test trading strategies on historic data. It will also allow the use of AIVIA Terminal as a basic tool for the whole cryptocurrency training industry.

Institutional grade terminal

AIVIA Trading Terminal is being developed as an institutional grade tool available for an extended traders’ community.

The implementation of the risk-management layer is planned. It will enable the creation of corporate accounts, whose owners will be able to create sub-accounts for traders with preset rules and limitations in accordance with the corporate strategy of trading.

AIVIA Trading Terminal is developed in accordance with the IPsec requirements.

Terms of use

Majority of the features described above will be available for users free of charge, while the remaining features will be free for AIV token holders.


The AIVIA Project is preparing for its 2nd IEO, this time we have partnered with Australian exchange Nauticus, where everyone interested will be able to purchase AIV tokens at its best price. We have a very dense product roadmap and AIV tokens have a broad range of practical applications in the ecosystem of the AIVIA Project.

Alpha version with the AI Prediction module

The alpha version of AIVIA Trading Terminal will introduce smart orders. This type of order allows traders to place a limit order with the stop-loss and take-profit orders. When one of the orders is filled, it automatically cancels the other.

AIVIA Trading Terminal also features a built-in AI Prediction module. The AI component unleashes the amazing potential to accurately forecast short term fluctuations of cryptocurrency rates. AIVIA Trading Terminal Integration of neural network aka AI Prediction module, showed an 85% success rate of predicting the correct cryptocurrency price change 30 minutes prior to the change occurrence.

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