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AIVIA: Easy way to Invest in Tokenized Assets under Management

by Gregory Kalashnikov, from AIVIA, on May 22
In the wake of new exciting news regarding AIVIA, we've decided to let our communtity learn about the progress of AIVIA Project so far and what's coming next in the Project's development. Find out about all of that in our latest publication
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In this publication we would like to introduce AIVIA Project, that held a successful IEO on ABCC Exchange and subsequent listing there, to the vast crypto community. The next IEO of AIVIA Project will be held on Nauticus Exchange on June 5th, 2019.

What is AIVIA Project?

AIVIA is the marketplace for Investors, Traders and Hedge Funds, developed on AIVIA Protocol — blockchain solution enabling to transition activity of any financial organization from traditional operations onto blockchain network.

The Project is developed by the in-house R&D team, has two patents pending and a large number of partners with whom we are carrying out active custom development to integrate their business processes both, directly on the AIVIA platform, and as a white-label solution.

AIVIA Platform is a powerful investment tool that enables investors from any part of the world to invest into tokenized Investment Funds, operating on the Platform, to receive profits. Additionally, the Platform users are able to deposit and withdraw fiat funds, and independently trade crypto assets on several exchanges via AIVIA Trading Terminal.

Investment funds are easily created on the Platform with the help of DLT-templates of financial organizations developed by AIVIA R&D team. Much attention has been paid to the legal aspects of the investment activity. The CEO of AIVIA, Colin Breeze, is a successful professional US attorney with decades of experience in corporate and financial law, bringing his broad expertise to the Project.

AIVIA’s Mission is to create solutions that will enable transition of the AuM market, operating mainly in fiat currencies, onto blockchain network.

The disparity is created by a combination of problems inherent in the cryptocurrency industry, the solutions to which are provided by AIVIA. We will go into more detail in the upcoming publications. Subscribe to our social media channels below, if you haven’t done so yet, to stay informed on everything AIVIA-related.

What’s coming next?

AIVIA Platform

Commercial release of AIVIA Platform is scheduled to take place in the summer 2019. It is a turn-key solution for Crypto Hedge Funds operating on blockchain. The solution will include an unprecedented level of security of investors’ funds, which always been a concern, as it helps to increase the trust level between Hedge Funds and their client. It means that the Platform will have operating funds of our partners integrated into it, rather than just bare interface.

Currently, AIVIA Platform is functioning as an Open Beta in TestNet. As of now Beta version enables users to create their Entities and Wallets, deploy Projects, track the performance of various Projects that deployed on the platform, analyze their portfolio, buy and sell Fund Tokens — all this amazing features was developed by our R&D by employing the Blockchain aka Distributed Ledger Technology.

We have also created a handy set of User Guides that can help users to better understand the mechanics of the Platform.

AIVIA Trading Terminal

And before the IEO is launched in June 2019, we will release an Alpha version of AIVIA Trading Terminal on May 28th, allowing user to trade on Binance and Huobi exchanges simultaneously. In addition it will employ the AI Prediction module that predicts cryptocurrency price fluctuations for short term trading with high accuracy rate.

The Terminal will be available for real trading right away, and will be constantly updated with new features and new exchanges connected via APIs. We plan to add an aggregated DOM for several exchanges, backtesting, trade robot constructor and many more features during 2019. We will reveal some of them in our next publications.

AIV Token

AIVIA business model involves offering of AIV token via IEOs and subsequent listings of the token on both, global and regional crypto exchanges. AIV token has a broad utility function, such as form of payment for services and commission payouts, investment activities, as a collateral to create stablecoins, and as a Proof-of-Stake within the AIVIA Protocol.

Prior to the IEO on Nauticus Exchange we will publish the following articles:
 •Issues facing crypto AuM market and AIVIA’s solutions
 •AIVIA Protocol Overview
 •Crypto trading issues and AIVIA’s solutions
 •AIVIA’s Bounty campaign
 •Integration of AIVIA’s partners
 •LIVE Q&A with the founders of AIVIA
 and much more!

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