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The Benefits Of Using VoIP In Non-profit Businesses

by Dan Miller, on May 15
We are already familiar with the fact that communications are a significant factor in almost all spheres of life.

We are already familiar with the fact that communications are a significant factor in almost all spheres of life. It is quite similar when it comes to the work of non-profit companies. Good communications are essential in their activities. For that particular reason, many non-profit organisations are turning to VoIP communication platforms. If having the ambition to achieve their social goals, non-profit organizations should use good and reliable communication methods. Among many factors in achieving such goals, one of the most relevant is having a reliable telephone system.

What is the importance of VoIP in non-profit business?

Networking and interconnections are of extreme importance for the successful business of non-profits. By using VoIP for business,  non-profits have a larger possibility of raising the awareness of their targeted population as well as among their clients or associates. Using this method in working, they are able to include volunteers and easily reach potential donors. Not to mention the lower costs. VoIP for business will enable connection with users all over the world at more reasonable prices. So, the importance of using VoIP is in its economic and practical application.

Have A Thorough Research

You have a non-profit company and you want to improve your communication - that's OK.

But how to find an adequate VoIP provider? First, you need to make a comparison of the cost-effectiveness of various VoIP Service providers, using VoIP review sites like GetVOIP. For that purpose, you can use some of the tools that might help you. These tools are very useful if you want to find the most appropriate service for your non-profit organization. Also, do not forget to see the reviews and experiences of other users.

Evaluate Your Non-Profit Goals

Before choosing a new communication strategy, it is highly recommendable to make an inventory of current communications that your non-profit uses. The advice is to check all internal and external communications you might have. Be sure you have precise info on how your associates communicate. Make sure you know if they exchange information by phone or by e-mail? Do they use personal emails or phones for work purposes? How do volunteers or people outside your staff make communication? And the last but not the least...

Who is maintaining the systems of communication in your non-profit company?

According to those criteria, choose the right service. Well chosen service will help you increase your efficiency. Also, make sure you fulfil technical predispositions so you can train your staff for using new solutions.


Ability To Work From Almost Anywhere

By using VoIP services you can easily connect to your employees in other cities or even different states. This is all possible with the help of the VoIP phone system. With its multiple options, you can combine various locations from which you can practice your business. Employees in one office can easily get their associates who are in other locations. It means that even though they are physically separated, they can easily communicate through a unified centralized phone system. Using VoIP for business, you can be equally efficient whether you work from home or you're travelling. It is quite simple - just use your Smartphone. With the help of Cloud technology, your phone will be available in all locations wherever there's an internet connection existing.


Raising Your Productivity

Since VoIP systems are enriched with many functions, it can be of great help for the work of your non-profit. Many VoIP features can be adapted to suit your working system. One of those very useful features is "Mobile twinning". Mobile twinning will help your employees, associates and donors to connect, even when they are in different locations. They can use the mobile device as the "twin" of their office phones. It practically means that two calls are made at the same time. This way, none of them will ever miss a call. That way, the effective cooperation is achieved and productivity is rising.

 The Benefits Of Using VoIP In Non-profit Businesses

Finally, VoIP communication systems can provide you with numerous features and the most affordable prices. Various unique functions can enable non-profit companies to be maximum efficient and more usefully use human resources.

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