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Growth Hacking Geneva: The Value of Community

by Lucas Maliczak, from Growth Hacking Switzerland, on May 10
On Wednesday 22nd May, we will cover a topic that we wanted to do for a long time: how a community can bring value to your business.
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We see communities everywhere, whether it is for a non-profit reason or is created around a lucrative activity. We will explore how such a community is beneficial towards an organisation that maintains a good relationship with it. Whether it is through getting precious feedback from its members or helping a product reaching more customers, there are different ways of seeing a community as a launchpad. Our two guest speakers whom we will discuss this with are the following:

  • Sébastien Péré, Head of B2B at ProtonMail (the world's largest encrypted email provider, developed by CERN and MIT scientists)

  • Johan Franzén, CEO of Entnest (a network platform of more than 2’000 members for entrepreneurs to improve productivity everywhere, on every aspect and as much as possible)

This will be another exciting meetup for doers and learners in which we will share about how to create a community that aligns with an organisation and how to drive it for the good purpose of all. We will have the chance to be hosted at CREA, the leading school in digital, marketing and communications.

Event open to all so don’t hesitate to share it around you!


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