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AIVIA Tokenomics v2.0

by Andrey Vorobyovski, from AIVIA, on May 8
We have released the updated Tokenomics of AIVIA Project! Learn more about the AIV token and its many implementation on the platform.

We have previously announced that the recent spurt completed by our R&D Team enabled us to get ahead of the plan and move the Trading Terminal and the Platform Mainnet release to the earlier dates. Thus, we think that it’s a suitable occasion to elaborate on the Tokenomics of AIVIA Project.

Extended AIV token standard

The AIV Token is compliant with the ERC20A standard that is completely compatible with ERC20. The ERC20A standard allows for atomic transactions, meaning that all participants in a transaction receive the allocated amounts simultaneously. It replaces multiple transactions and eliminates delays for all parties of the transaction. Project Owners can use AIVIA protocol to issue tokens based on ERC20A standard for their internal projects and solutions.

Type of tokens on AIVIA Platform

AIV Token

AIV is a core utility token of the Platform. It is used to pay for services, commissions payouts, for investment activities, and as a collateral to create stablecoins. AIV can be used as Proof-of-Stake within the AIVIA Protocol. The token is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and paired with USDT and other leading cryptocurrencies.

Algorithmic Stable Coins

AIVIA plans to enable users to issue algorithmic stable coins on the Platform. The stable coins will be pegged to major fiat currencies (for example, AIV/USD). In this case the AIV token will be used as a collateral to issue the stable coins. The emission of the stable coins will be limited to those users of the platform who hold AIV tokens and pledge them as a collateral. All commissions that are earned from circulation of emitted stable coins will be distributed among the issuers. The AIV token, which is held by the issuers and is pledged as a collateral, will be used for Proof-of-Stake feature of the AIVIA platform.

Tokens of Financial Projects

The tokens are created on the Platform in the process of deployment of the financial project based on smart contract templates. These tokens can be acquired by platform users with the AIV token as a form of payment. Projects can identify any ERC20 token as an acceptable form of investment, including TrueUSD and other stable coins, tokens of crypto exchanges, tokens of partners’s projects etc. These tokens circulate freely within the platform, can also be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, and function as an accepted method of payment for investments in other Funds and projects.

The fluctuations in the rate of the tokens of AuM projects deployed on the AIVIA platform mirrors the change in the price of shares of these organizations depending on the performance of the Fund or the project.

The template for the deployment of AuM organizations and creating tokens on the AIVIA platform is just a beginning. Development of multiple templates of the smart contracts will enable the tokenization of assets for such organizations as: start-ups, insurance companies, charities, etc. AIVIA Protocol will enable developers to create tokens secured by fiat currencies, security instruments, natural resources and property rights of organizations.

Utility of the AIV token on the Platform

Investing in project’s portfolio

Funds and projects deployed on the AIVIA platform will be accepting AIV tokens as a method of payment and investment.

Transaction Fee Savings

Using AIV tokens on the platform saves users up to 50% on the transaction fees.

Transaction commission on the AIVIA platform

Transaction fees on the platform are always charged in AIV tokens. It is recommended to have a sufficient amount of AIV tokens in your account to conduct transactions.

Method of Payment for Services

The AIV token will be used as an internal method of payment for additional functions and tools of the AIVIA Platform and AIVIA Terminal. It will offer advanced functionality in comparison to the basic free version. Other types of services will be added such as SaaS-models, various types of expertise, and a compliance layer for projects deployed on AIVIA platform.

PoS Features

Most of the services will be available completely free of charge to holders of AIV tokens. In addition a lot of rewards will be available as part of Proof-of-Stake options regarding operations of AIVIA platform.

FIAT payments and Merchant integration

AIVIA Platform will integrate a FIAT pay-in/pay-out option. AIV tokens will be available for purchase and sale using FIAT currencies. Use of AIV tokens will save the amount of commissions associated with those transactions.

P.S. TOKENOMICS v2.0 is available for download on our website.

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