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Why Should you use Steel Detailing Software for Structural Steel Detailing?

by Matzen Solutions, from Matzen Solutions, on May 7
When talking about constructing sturdy and robust building structures, the importance of steel detailing cannot be denied when it is about strengthening the entire structure.
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When talking about constructing sturdy and robust building structures, the importance of steel detailing cannot be denied when it is about strengthening the entire structure. A right combination of structural analysis and design along with adequate steel detailing and precise execution of a construction project ensures that there are no deflections and cracks. This also protects you from the worst nightmare of coming across a building collapse.

Usually, the process of steel detailing begins once the contractor has been assigned the project. And, that is further worked upon rigorously by the detailer, which restricts the working methodology around 2D drawings. If this happens, it could be the beginning of such a process that would be triggering the delayed start and can turn out to be lousy coordination among stakeholders, which can, in turn, put the entire construction schedule in danger.

To tackle such horrible situations, general contractors, as well as steel detailers, usually rely upon advanced software and tools, like advanced steel detailing software, to develop their steel fabrication drawings. One of the best advantages of using advanced steel detailing software is that it makes the coordination process of steel with the structure an easier process and also helps in improving the overall quality of the construction.

For steel detailing, advanced steel detailing software is something more than merely being project coordination. It intends to improve the overall steel structures quality. The environment of 3D modeling helps teams to design and deliver project fabrication package with ease and within the lesser expenditure. This approach lets you get rid of complex design problems by making the most out of living schedules and 3D views to check the steel quality.

Having said that, here are some other reasons that should be enough to let you know why you should use advanced steel detailing software for structural steel detailing services:

1. No Delays in Project Schedules:

With advanced steel detailing software, every 2D and 3D view, drawing sheet, and schedule turns out to be actual presentations of the developing building structure. The automatic sync is one of the best aspects of advanced steel detailing software; hence, all of your views as well as drawings will be managed well and will always remain in sync. For instance, if you change steel in your model, it would display on the fabrication drawing, which can cut down the tedious process of manual updating.

2. Lesser Expenses, More Saving:

Irrespective of the business, one factor that matters the most is the amount that can be saved at the end of the day. Who does not want to have higher returns at affordable shares? So, when you use advanced steel detailing software models, you can quickly discover such alternatives that would suit and fulfill your requirements within less budget. Not just that, but this model will also help you approximating the steel with automated generation of bills and invoices. This can also save you material and labor cost.

3. No On-site Troubles:

When you incorporate a model-based projection system, like advanced steel detailing software, with fabrication drawings, facing any on-site issues of redrawing and scheduling becomes lesser than expected. You can assess and view the steel model from any angle that you would want and gauge it on-site through advanced steel detailing software insight model viewer to understand the construction procedure in a better manner.

4. Some Additional Benefits:

Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are some of the additional benefits that one can avail from advanced steel detailing software, such as:

  • 2D drawings and 3D models created through advanced steel detailng software are precise and meet the requirements perfectly
  • With this software, you can develop even the complex of structures with ease
  • The software is quite versatile and helps you build unlimited structures
  • Thanks to its flexibility, incorporating high detailed information is exceptionally possible
  • Its open system approach offers flexibility and can be integrated accurately with another interface, such as spreadsheets, design packages, analysis, and more
  • advanced steel detailing software provides a one-size-fits-all approach, whether dealing directly with the manufacturer or steel fabricator
  • The software offers a gamut of capabilities and options that can help model a wide range of materials, such as wood, steel, concrete, and more
  • It also supports different formats, such as IFC and SNDF to help you increase productivity and profitability
  • Created and developed by structural engineers for the purpose of assisting structural engineers who have a profound understanding of the construction industry and the details that are involved in it
  • It eliminates the need to use different software application for concept design and fabrication

Wrapping Up:

While using advanced steel detailing software for structural steel detailing, contractors get to breathe a sigh of relief. If you assign elements as per the potential of people, it can help cut down the tiresome task. If you wish to, you can also place your fabricated parts in the advanced steel detailing software model and modify it as per the requirements.

Such steel shop drawings that are generated with the help of advanced steel detailing software provide improved and enhanced documentation of construction. Thus, it merely helps you gain a lot of benefits and provides results as expected.

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