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AIVIA Terminal with AI Prediction module becoming available in May’19

by Gregory Kalashnikov, from AIVIA, on May 3
AIVIA R&D Team has been working hard to reach yet another important milestone in the life of the Project - release of the Trading Terminal! This time they bested themselves and got ahead of time! Find out more in this article.
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AIVIA ahead of the Schedule

In previous publication we’ve mentioned the progress we have achieved in 2019. Such as release of Beta version, successful IEO and subsequent listing on ABCC Exchange. And now we are eager to report about reaching yet another important milestone way ahead of schedule!

We are proud to announce that we are ahead of AIVIA Roadmap. Originally we planned to release the commercial version of our product in Q3’19. But our great team in research and development is ready to release the first version of our long-awaited product by the end of May 2019.

The listing of our token on the ABCC Exchange following the IEO on the same marketplace demanded action sooner and we are delivering on that demand. That’s why AIVIA is engaging in a broad media campaign to promote this product.

What is the big deal?

We are gearing up to release the first version of AIVIA Trading Terminal that supports simultaneous trading on several exchanges and has a built-in AI Prediction module. The AI component unleashes the amazing potential to accurately forecast short term fluctuations of cryptocurrency rates. AIVIA Trading Terminal will be integrated for trading on two major crypto exchanges — Binance and Huobi.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, AIVIA Trading Terminal will be supporting smart-orders, such as: limit, take-profit, stop-loss orders, and OCO (One Cancels the Other). Those orders remain active and executed even if the user who placed them is offline.

AIVIA Trading Terminal Integration of neural network aka AI Prediction module, showed 85% success rate of predicting the correct cryptocurrency rates’ fluctuations 30 minutes prior to the move.

Future of the AIVIA Trading Terminal

AIVIA Trading Terminal first in its class provides traders the opportunity to execute the trades in a controlled environment and limit their risks. We are developing new functionality for our Terminal, that will allow to create the aggregated DOM to support simultaneous trading on several exchanges (no more constant switching between screens and frantically placing the orders). This will allow to control orders placed on several exchanges at the same time, drastically reducing the risk of slippage.

We are also planning to create tools for backtesting and an SDK for trading robots.

What’s next?

AIVIA’s Roadmap outlines important milestones, and reaching each of them will give us an opportunity to supply our vast community with important updates regarding the development of the project — something you all have been eagerly waiting for!

In the nearest future we will publish Whitepaper v2.0 and Tokenomics v2.0 that will contain a lot of new useful information regarding the development of AIVIA, and unveil news about important integrations with our partners.

And don’t forget to join our community channels! Active start of the product will entitle the first user to receive substantial preferences, discount and rewards.

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