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Blockchain & ICO will be listed on ABCC Hive exchange

by Andrey Vorobyovski, from AIVIA, on Apr 22
AIVIA's 1st IEO has been a huge success! We've sold 80M AIV tokens in under 21 minutes. The next step is listing of AIVIA on ABCC Hive Exchange.

2019 has been treating AIVIA great so far: first, we released the long-awaited Beta version of AIVIA platform allowing users to experience what we have to offer first-hand; we’ve started development of our own Trading Terminal which is the last element in creating the turn-key solution for Crypto Hedge Funds; we’ve successfully sold 80 MILLION AIV tokens in under 21 minutes  —  what a feat!

Event page:

What’s even better  —  we have managed to get ahead of plan, and are ready to enter the monetization stage in the Q3. 

So what’s next? The eagerly awaited listing of AIV token on crypto exchanges! The first exchange to list AIV will be ABCC Hive  —  we’ve decided that it would only be right to continue building on all that recent success. The listing will begin on April 24th.

ABCC Exchange

In the light of this important milestone approaching fast, we have decided that it’s the right time to remind our customer base what AIVIA is all about and to let the newcomers get to know AIVIA a little bit closer.

What’s AIVIA?

AIVIA is using the innovative features Blockchain technology offers to enable investors, fund managers, privately held businesses, and startups to benefit from new opportunities and remove the limitations of the current AuM industry.

The current financial asset industry has major limitations that have been present for decades and that have created strong demand for a solution. Among these limitations are:
• Limited capital raising alternatives for privately held businesses & startups
• Lack of transparent data for investors & fund managers
• High commissions for investors
• High entry barriers for small investors
• Limited liquidity and portfolio diversification

AIVIA’s solution is an open investment ecosystem that allows investors, fund managers, privately held businesses and startups to interact utilizing smart contracts on a peer-to-peer basis and without intermediaries. The core solutions are:
• Enable privately held companies and startups to tokenize their business and reach new backers
• Provide all participants with real-time unaltered performance data to create trust
• Replace the majority of intermediaries with smart contracts, making trading assets less expensive
• Empower small investors through reducing barriers to entry by using smart contracts with low operational cost
• Provide investors an access to the multiple investment opportunities

How do we achieve the goals?

AIVIA Platform Dashboard

The major elements that constitute AIVIA are:
• AIVIA protocol — a framework that employs smart contracts to set the rules of On-Chain collaboration between investors and projects and sets the rules for interaction and movement of value on the blockchain;
• AIVIA Auditing Oracle  —  an On-Chain and Off-Chain solution, which regulates and validates transactions both within the blockchain as well as outside of it;
• AIVIA platform  —  the Web interface which allows fund managers to create an investment project and deploy it on the Ethereum blockchain;
• AIVIA Trading Terminal is a stand-alone software-as-a-service (SaaS) framework which does not require integration with any other client’s software. Users anywhere in the world can start trading instantaneously as long as they have Internet access.

AIVIA Trading Terminal Dashboard

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