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Kyiv to host AI Conference, annual artificial intelligence conference, on June 4

by Ekaterina Glazkova, from Smile-Expo, on Apr 4
Speakers’ presentations, best practices, smart products, and networking: the event will bring together specialists who successfully apply AI technologies and who are ready to share their experience. 
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On June 4, Smile-Expo will hold the second AI Conference, a major conference dedicated to the integration of artificial intelligence into businesses, in Kyiv.     Conference program The conference will consist of three specialized blocks: Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Speakers from METRO Cash&Carry Ukraine, DevRain, and other companies will tell the audience how to manage the millionth consumer base using AI and how to start integrating AI technologies into businesses.    IOT and data analysis. Headliners of this block are speakers from Vodafone Ukraine who will explain what business can achieve with IoT and Big Data. There will be a separate presentation on smart marketing strategies.     Automation and chatbots. Experts will reveal how to automate e-document flow and marketing...

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