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How to Market Your Business - the core principles of successful marketing

by Melitta Campbell, from Melitta Campbell Business Coach and Mentor, on Mar 27
Marketing is an essential part of business success - but it's also an activity that stumps many entrepreneurs and business owners. In this article, I share the core principles of effective marketing.

Two decades ago, I studied for my Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing. It was HARD! I thought that with a relevant degree and five-years experience in Marketing, the Diploma would be a breeze. Boy was a wrong! The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) curriculum was thorough, and the assessments and exams were the hardest I’d ever come across. It quickly became clear why the CIM is recognised throughout the world for its high-quality training and standards. Having studied Marketing intensely and worked in the field for more than 25 years, I can see why so many new entrepreneurs and small business owners get themselves in a pickle over the conundrum of how to market their business. But on that scale, marketing your business can be...

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