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mFino Platform Accelerates Digital Transformation Strategy for Financial Institutions and Banks

by Sridhar Obilisetty, from mFino - Solutions for Digital Banking and Payments, on Mar 18
One of the widely held misunderstandings is that digital transformation is only about technology. The reality, however, is that digital transformation is also about people and procedures.
Mfino platform accelerates digital transformation strategy for banks and financial institutions
Companies are focusing too much on jazzy mobile apps, extra features, and discounts, etc. when they should be targeting optimized, end-to-end business procedures.
In this situation, they cannot concentrate on a single solution that ticks the most points on their list. Instead, businesses need to focus their efforts on how to boost their client experience and make an effective digital transformation for all aspects of how the business is run.
Most banks and financial institutions are finding it challenging to reach their digital customers. As customers adopt digital for every aspect of their lives, it becomes impossible for financial services providers to reach out to them any other way. This explains why banks and financial institutions are scrambling to embrace digital transformation.
The clear query is how companies accept this higher growth model to their existing infrastructure and current policies.
Here mfino assist such financial institutions and banks by providing a platform to accelerate digital transformation strategy.
mFino Inc: Private Company Information - Bloomberg
This is where mFino’s platform approach offers the optimum solution.
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The latest technology is about making an ecosystem of clients, partners, and suppliers. mostly, companies can benefit the synergies of bringing different data streams and systems to deliver an enjoyable consumer.
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