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Your Support of ProRussia YoutubeChannel on Kickstarter is needed

by Svetlana Baurens, from Galileo IIIC, on Feb 6
Galileo IIIC broadcast positive weekly news from Russia on Youtube channel for you! We show Russian innovative projects creating social and environmental impact, changemakers, activists, non-profit organizations, foundations and impact investing.

Crowdfunding campaign on KICKSTARTER  Last year we have established International Impact Investing Centre "Galileo" (Switzerland) with the goal to make impact investing the new normal in Europe and Russia. We see impact investing as a major catalyst for social and environmental reforms in the world. We organize impact investing workshops, events, provide consulting services, create customized online courses and now decided to launch this YouTube Channel.  The Youtube channel exists since December 2018 and was financed with our personal money but now we need your support to continue doing this work.  If we can raise CHF 7,000, this will provide us the financial stability to cover the recording/production cost for 50 releases till the end of 2019. Every Monday you will be able to watch a new release....

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