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Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference

by Ekaterina Glazkova, from Smile-Expo, on Jan 28
On April 24, for the first time ever Belarus will host Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference – the event dedicated to iGaming, affiliate marketing, and affiliate programs. The event is organized by Smile-Expo.
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On April 1, 2019, the Act “On the improvement of the gambling business regulation” will come into effect in Belarus, allowing organizing and conduct of gambling online. Which changes are waiting for the market and how to make most use of them? This is the main discussion topic of the conference. Other topics of reports include: traffic arbitrage in iGaming: how to launch advertising of the offer, subtleties of analyzing traffic and difficulties of choosing an offer; online casino promotion using content marketing: how to form a correct audience, personalize content, and choose a platform for placing content; SEO promotion of online gambling websites: how to achieve top search results using SEO; gamification in online gambling: how to use this...

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