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Analysing ICO startups: tips by ICO Rating

by Administrator, on Jan 13
Due to increasing amount of exit-scams and overall low returns from ICOs, investors became either cautious or even left the market temporarily.  That is why proper assessment and research of the project is now more important than ever
Ico analysing

Assessment of the startup is one of the most challenging tasks while identifying the investment opportunity, both in traditional VC and new ICO markets. How to assess the team, what should be considered in the financial analysis, how to see the real market potential, how strong is the business model and what are the risks to pay attention to? These and many other questions should be considered while the procedure of startup assessment and due diligence. On November 23-24, 2018 InnMind organised the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Basel, Switzerland. During the event, we held the startup competition and organised a number of activities for startups so that their businesses could benefit to the fullest from this event. Several experts from the blockchain industry,...

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