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Top 10 Social Media Apps for 2019

by Maria Redka, from MLSDev, on Jan 10
Social media apps have taken over the attention of smartphone users firmly.
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When you think that there is nothing new that can surprise the sophisticated audience, the next big social media app pops up. In this article, we’ve gathered an overview of the top ten social media apps for 2019. If you wonder how to create a social media app, or where to market your business in 2019, it’s a must-read. Learn what social media will define this year.

1. Instagram
Marketers agree that Instagram will define social media in 2019. This viral app has been one of the most influential marketing channels in 2018, and it’s likely to strengthen its position in 2019. Instagram lets businesses connect to a vast global audience. Over 25 million businesses have Instagram accounts now, and two million advertise on the platform.

IGTV is expected to grow in 2019. This app lets users watch vertical videos, tailored especially for the mobile audience. Brands like ESPN, Netflix, Chipotle were the first to use IGTV for marketing purposes.

2. YouTube
73% of adults in the US used YouTube in 2018. No wonder YouTube influencer marketing is massive in the US, as the platform lets its users make millions on their creativity. YouTube is polishing its algorithms to predict what content the users are likely to watch based on their history. Haul and unboxing videos, posted by influencers, defined the platform in 2018, making it even more brand-friendly. Brands can benefit greatly from working with the right influencers, with whom they have the same audience. In 2019, YouTube live streaming is expected to grow.

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3. Facebook
Facebook remains the titan of the social media, embracing 68% of American adults, 74% of which log in to Facebook daily. Facebook is extremely popular among small businesses as well. It is likely to remain a top-used social media platform in 2019 too, thanks to its vast audience and advanced advertising business tools.

Facebook recently introduced Facebook for Creators, a video editing service that intends to help Facebook creators generate video content on Facebook. This tool lets users and businesses make better videos, get access to insights, interact with the viewers, and share the videos to Twitter and Instagram.

4. Lasso
In response to the insanely popular TikTok, Facebook introduced Lasso, a social media application that allows its users to make and share short videos. Users can add effects and filters to the videos. On Lasso, you can search for creators and hashtags, follow trends, and see what is likely to trend soon.

It’s very clear that Lasso is targeted at the younger audience from generation Z. So, if your target audience is the same, there’s no better timing to get your brand on the platform as well. 

5. TikTok-Global Video Community
TikTok is a viral alternative to Vine and Snapchat. This app allows you to make videos that are between 15 and 60 seconds long. You can add speed effects, filters, and a soundtrack to your video. The app also lets you make gifs with music. TikTok skyrocketed first in China, and later globally after it purchased a viral video streaming platform called

The interface and functionality of this app are straightforward and intuitive, and that’s what makes it appealing to the young audience. TikTok is currently the best Snapchat and Vine alternative you can find.

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7. Snapchat
Snapchat is another extremely popular social media application that isn’t likely to outlive its usefulness in 2019. Currently, the app has 300 million active monthly users. Over a half of Snapchat users are under 25 years, so it’s no surprise that Snapchat is targeted at generation Z rather than millennials.

Businesses targeted at younger users are very likely to keep investing in Snapchat marketing this year. In response, the platform recently made significant improvements for marketers and advertisers. Businesses aren’t waiting for the customers to find them on the platform. Instead, they are actively connecting with platform users in a fun and engaging way.

8. Facecast
Facecast is one more social media application to pay attention to. This app provides such features as short videos, random live video chats, and live streaming. Random live video chat is probably the most fun feature of this app, as it lets you find people around you who have the same interests that you do or simply meet somebody new. On Facecast, users can gather fans and reward gifts for their short videos. There are also exclusive friends circles that Facecast users can have. One more exclusive feature of this app is that it lets you chat with broadcaster privately.

9. Vero
Vero is an alternative social media platform that does not have any ads or algorithms. This opponent of Instagram has great potential, so we definitely recommend you to keep an eye on it in 2019. Vero intends to be less about media and more about society. In this application, users can share movies, music, TV, places, photos, books, and links. When you open the app, you see a feed of posts, a search option, and your dashboard. On Vero, you can have connections and followers.

In future, Vero plans to launch a subscription model. Skeptics don’t believe it’s going to work, but we’ll have to live and see how it goes. Businesses can connect with their customers on this platform by means of publishing original content and establishing organic connections.

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10. Houseparty
And the last, but not least, social media app to check out in 2019 is called Houseparty. It is a child-friendly application, targeted at generation Z. Houseparty is a live group video chat that lets its users videochat with contacts they have saved on their smartphone. This app lets you chat with up to eight users at a time. The mechanics of the application is similar to Google Hangouts. The major difference is that you do not need to request to join a chat. On Houseparty, you get online automatically.

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