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Top 10 Social Media Apps for 2019

by Maria Redka, from MLSDev, on Jan 10
Social media apps have taken over the attention of smartphone users firmly.
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When you think that there is nothing new that can surprise the sophisticated audience, the next big social media app pops up. In this article, we’ve gathered an overview of the top ten social media apps for 2019. If you wonder how to create a social media app, or where to market your business in 2019, it’s a must-read. Learn what social media will define this year. 1. Instagram Marketers agree that Instagram will define social media in 2019. This viral app has been one of the most influential marketing channels in 2018, and it’s likely to strengthen its position in 2019. Instagram lets businesses connect to a vast global audience. Over 25 million businesses have Instagram accounts now, and...

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