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Startup Scale Up: How to build motivated team

by Administrator, on Jan 9
New meetup from InnMind "Startup Scale Up: How to build motivated team" on the 17th of January in Impact Hub Lausanne
Meetup scale up   17.01.2019

This year we decided to speak not only about blockchain but also cover other trendy technologies and relevant startup topics. We invite experts, bright entrepreneurs, academia players and other experienced professionals to share their insights with the community. We start 2019 with a crucial topic for all entrepreneurs and young startups: TEAM. We will speak about: ▶ elements that are considered in the recruitment process, from the moment you decide to hire to onboarding ▶ the level of motivation you will find on the workplace and its connection to the success of the project January is the best moment to make annual planning for your business: this meetup will help you to make the planning of your team expansion =)...

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