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Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2019 that Rock the Industry

by Jinedra Shah, from Axzorweb, on Dec 28
with blog top 10 web design trends of 2019 that keeps your design innovative, beautiful and unique. Good web design is all you need to get your Business.
Top 10 web design trends 2019

A good web design is all you need to get your online business started. People will judge you from what they see when they open your website.This perception has led to many innovations in the web design industry. New trends come up almost every day, and even though some of them stick, others disappear as fast as they come. Therefore, you should know about the top web design trends 2019 that are likely to rock this industry in 2019 and beyond. Regardless of what your website sells, it is good to find that style that will endear it to the audience. Here are some trends that you should not overlook.

1. Geometrical Shapes and Figures:

You may have studied geometrical shapes and figures in middle school and thought that you would never need them again. However, they are fast making a return to your life through web design. If you look at some of the latest websites, you will see that various geometrical shapes are in use. The aim is to make the layout simpler and easier to interpret. Website Design company helps in design innovative web design .

2. Graphical Designs Rock:

Graphic designers have had an impact on almost every aspect of life. They have now moved to make a mark in web design with graphical images. When you head over to a web page to read a story, you will notice that there are many graphical patterns in use. It makes the pages more appealing apart from helping to illustrate some parts of the story. Graphics can be used in various ways depending on what you want to achieve.

3. Mobile-Friendly Designs:

Google estimates that more than half of online searches originate from mobile devices. This revelation comes in the wake of studies showing that people nowadays want to search for information on the go. Unlike other devices, they can use their mobile phones to search the internet even when they are away from the house or office. Because of this, web designers come up with websites that are mobile friendly. Some of them come up with two versions of the same site so that a user can choose between the desktop version and mobile version.

4. The use of Cinema-Graphs:

In a world where people want to view everything in HD, you cannot afford to upload blurred images on your website. Your visitors will want to see high-quality images, and they will be comparing your site to others. In this regard, you may want to use sophisticated software to enhance images. However, cinema graphs have emerged as a preferred way to achieve this. You can see them on most websites that are ranked high.

5. Variegated Typography:

Web designers are fast realizing that people like more visual effects. They will do anything to make a page more visually appealing. One of the techniques that they use to do this is variegated typography. This simply means using different font colors in various letters or words. You can use them to highlight important phrases, or to create a color variation that enhances your theme. Going forward, the use of this technique is likely to be commonplace.

6. Voice Search:

The inclusion of a search bar on every web page has been in use for some time. However, designers are now taking it a notch higher. Websites developed in 2018 or later are now incorporating the voice search feature. This feature is made possible because of the increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. When a machine can recognize a voice and use it to search, it gives you even better experiences. It is faster too.

7. Grid Layouts:

Initially, web developers used the grid layout as a way of making their work easier. They wanted to include everything on one page so that a user can choose the way to navigate. However, this has morphed into a huge trend. You can see that grid layout are now used by websites to display items depending on page layouts. They are promising to be even more important in 2018 thanks to creativity. For instance, you can now add columns and rows in a grid, and determine the number that appears on your web pages.

8. More Scrolling Effects:

When the web page is too large, scrolling down can be a problem. It is the reason some readers abandon it midway. However, thanks to scrolling effects, this has become an essay act. For instance, the Parallax effect ensures that you scroll down like in HD. You can pose at whatever point you want, and go backs if you wish. Going by what developers have been doing, there is no doubt that we are going to see the emergence of more scrolling effects.

9. More Chat Bots:

People prefer to ask questions through chat. When they land on a website, they will not be looking for a phone number or email address. They will be searching for the chat feature so that they can submit an instant message. In the same way, website developers have come up with ways to improve these communication platforms. Chat Bots will trigger instant communication with you once you visit the website and therefore, you will be more obliged to jump in.

10. The popularity of Micro-Interactions:

One of the latest trends in communication is that people will not type real texts to express their feeling. They might read a story, and react to it in different ways. Micro-interactions make this possible. For example, Facebook allows people to use Emojis to show if they like, hate, love, or are wowed by a post. This phenomenon is fast spreading to other websites. With time, we can predict that they will be a major communication method on websites.

These are the top trends that we can expect in 2019. If you are working on an upcoming website, you may want to incorporate these trends because they are likely to bring more people on board. They are great contributors to web traffic, an essential factor for success especially when you want to use the website for eCommerce. Blending these trends will give you the best results.

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