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Cutting edge Mobile App Design Trends to watch in 2019

by FuGenX Technologies, from FuGenX Technologies, on Dec 26
Developing an app with exclusive design can keep you ahead of your competitors. An app that provide good user experience can keep mobile users continuing with the app.
Top design trends to include for your next mobile app

In this digital era, it’s been necessary to keep up-to-date with industry trends and with the changing user’s needs. Grabbing user’s attention with effective design is simple as well as complicated task. But it is one of the important factors to pay attention to. Developing an app with exclusive design can keep you ahead of your competitors. An app that provide good user experience can keep mobile users continuing with the app. Factors like icons, alignment, color, buttons and contrast are something which app designers have to pay lot of attention. Mobile app development companies should integrate apps with recent UI trends or else all the efforts are of no use.

So now let’s see the must have design trends for your next mobile app:

  • AR/VR: Augmented Reality has introduced a new era in interface design. App designers should make their users feel like they are experiencing within the real world environment. AR UI help designers to forget UI fixed to screens. VR also plays a huge role in UI trends and it can work well with the industries like healthcare and education. Designers have to go beyond screen-only interfaces to provide effective physical interactions.


  • Color gradients: Color gradients is one of the useful UI design tool to attract users. Colors grab user’s attention and invoke emotions. Overlapping effect can create more structured interface. App designers can think of overlapping feature with shadows which will enhance UI designs to a great extent. Overlapping of fonts, color and illustrations would remain in limelight for the upcoming year.


  • Opacity: Opacity includes designing and transparency and they are in huge demand. Opacity provides better space for text and other elements and application looks great when it is transparent. Opacity can boost user interface and set up different transparency settings such as illustrations for designing vibrant glass surface for the app interface segments.


  • Animation: In 2019, most of the mobile apps make transition to animation and micro-animations which are gaining huge popularity. App designers have to think out of the box like implementing interactive icons and short videos rather than static images without effecting the functionalities. Animations have always been essential part of the UI designing in mobile app. It improves the user experience and makes app more interactive.


  • Typography: Typography can be one of the top mobile app design trend and plays a major role in bringing an excellent user experience. Great stories with excellent text and narrative can engage users and keep them stay there and go through the content.


  • Chatbots: They are becoming an essential mobile design trend. If the app designers have complete knowledge about how to incorporate chatbots in UI design then it can change the way users interact with your mobile app. Chatbots are capable of turning visitors into customers which is the main aim of many app development companies. Combination of AI and interactional designs can improve your UX and also help people to get their answer then and there. 


  • App gestures: Smartphone designers have been decreasing the number of buttons on the phone’s face and here the gestures come into picture. Mobile app designers can take advantage of gestures by adding simple animations to perform certain task. With the decreasing buttons, screens get longer and app designers can include even more animations into the screen. UI without buttons are gaining huge popularity in case of e-commerce apps where the users don’t need buttons to check out the order and can just complete that task by dragging it to the cart.

Improve your app design with the latest trends by hiring a best mobile app development company, who can develop your mobile apps with amazing app features and app designs. For this purpose visit FuGenX Technologies and keep your app on top with best design and user experience. FuGenX, an award winning mobile apps development company in Bangalore, India offers premium technology and will help you gain a global presence.

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