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Blockchain Certificate of Advanced Studies launched in Switzerland!

by Administrator, on Dec 24
Learn about how to apply blockchain to your project.

Switzerland is a globally recognised hub for crypto and blockchain businesses from all over the world due to open-minded regulator, highly developed infrastructure and crypto-friendly legislation. And at the same time during last several years Switzerland remains #1 in the world rankings of most innovative countries in the world, with outstanding scientific and technological base and well-developed collaboration between universities (academia) and business (startups and corporates).

Recently these two country's cultural nuances found the synergy in each other: University of Geneva launched Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in blockchain development.

The specially designed course is made for startups and entrepreneurs, business owners and project managers, crypto professionals and blockchain newbies, those, who are willing to expand knowledge base or learn it from scratch. During the 3 months course you will learn how to apply blockchain to your project with the new official Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) on blockchain development of University of Geneva (12 European ECTS credits) in partnerships with major blockchain industrial partners (Ethereum, NEO, Hedera Hashgraph...)

Program of the course includes the 4 modules:

  • M1: Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Decentralized Application Theory (approximately 30 hours of teaching and 15 hours of personal work)
  • M2: Development with NEO (about 40 hours of teaching and 20 hours of personal work)
  • M3: Development with Ethereum (about 52 hours of teaching and 26 hours of personal work)
  • M4: Development with Hashgraph Hedera (about 40 hours of teaching and 20 hours of personal work)

You can get the certificate in only 3 months, combining it with your work or studies, learning at the end of the weeks either on site at University of Geneva or via video-conference from mid-January to mid-April. As the result you will get an official certificate issued by the University of Geneva, 12 ECTS European Credits, recognized in Switzerland and in many countries in the world!

Apply now and get your Blockchain Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in 3 months!

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