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From Switzerland to the World: the outcomes from the Blockchain Leadership Summit by InnMind

by Administrator, on Dec 12
In Basel industrial and business leaders, including BOSCH, S7 Airlines, IBM, VEB, Port of Rotterdam, Novartis, KPMG, PWC, Baker McKenzie, Cyberport and others introduced their vision, use-cases and ongoing pilot projects of blockchain incorporation

Dear startup founders, blockchain visioneers, digital entrepreneurs, corporate executives, geeks, asset-holders and investors, academicians, honourable state representatives and everyone who follows us! On November 23-24 InnMind organised it's second large scale event in Basel, Switzerland - the Blockchain Leadership Summit. And we can't stay from sharing with you the feedback and outcomes after the event! We have had two days of great content, meetings, interviews, knowledge sharing, discussion and start-up contest; over 70 speakers, 20+ main tracks to cover the major questions of blockchain development, adoption and application to industry, business and society. Our team was honoured to have Councillor Baschi Durr, State Secretary Jörg Gasser, Ambassador Eric Jacob and Prince Michael of Liechtenstein opening the days of the Summit: their...

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