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How to Deploy a React Native App for iOS, Android

by Jeff Hervey, from i-Verve Inc - Best Ecommerce Developmnet Company, on Dec 3
Some people consider React Native as a write-once-deploy-anywhere solution. Reactive Native speeds up the development of applications that are written for both Android & iOS. Even web developers can easily write native applications with React Native

When Facebook faced the problem with redesigning their apps, they were looking for a solution to handle the users and roll out new features. Facebook required something faster and more robust to be able to take care of the huge traffic it gets on a regular basis.Facebook team opted for React to accomplish their objectives. One major advantage with React Native is that it employs a faster virtual DOM. It allows adoption of lightweight components. Developers can use React with PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, or any other database systems also. If you're wondering if React would be used for designing web applications, then you should know that React Native is a successor of React.js for fast mobile app development. The...

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