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Bitcoin rate and blockchain revolution: results of Blockchain Conference Moscow

by Ekaterina Glazkova, from Smile-Expo, on Nov 30
On November 20, the heart of the Russian Federation held the eighth Blockchain Conference Moscow. Its organizer is the Smile-Expo international company.
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The large-scale specialized conference brought together 40 speakers from seven countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, and China. 500 attendees came to hear their presentations and observe the products at the demo zone. Within the conference, the experts shed light on the industry burning issues – cryptocurrency regulation, influence of digital assets on capital management, and the future of decentralized technologies. Bitcoin rate and its prospects appeared among the hottest topics for discussion at the main stage and on the sidelines of the conference. “Bitcoin is the main marketer. If Bitcoin grows, so does the interest in it. The same situation can be observed in case Bitcoin drops,” thinks Evgeniy Romanenko, crypto economist and moderator of Blockchain Conference Moscow. Conference:...

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