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How to increase In-app Purchase and maximize revenue.

by FuGenX Technologies, from FuGenX Technologies, on Nov 26
In-app purchases allows users to make purchases in the app itself and it depends on the kind of app you offer.
How to increase in app purchase and maximize revenue2

In-app purchase, an amazing way to offer an app for free but still lets you make money. That sounds good, isn’t it?? Dive into the article to know more!!

In-app purchases lets users to make purchases in the app itself and it depends on the kind of app you offer. In-app purchase benefits you in lot of ways like increasing user engagement and provides new promotional opportunities there by improving revenue. App categories like health, gaming and utility contains more apps with in-app purchase functionality and premium version. Below listed are few effective ways to improve in-app purchase and revenue.

Gain customers attention: Make your customers stick to your app by offering them discount and great deal. When visitors find your website with these promotional offers then they are more likely to buy your product. Encourage visitors to download your app. Higher the download higher you will earn. Identify your target audience and since they are familiar with your brand and business you can easily attract them with offers and by easy download procedure.

Highlight urgency about deals: Develop the fear of missing out the great deals among your customers. People tend to think smartly when there is limited time for offer and it provokes them to buy product. Make use of powerful words like flash sales, deals of the day, discount and offers. Encourage your users accept the premium features at a reduced price. Make your existing users to get discount if their friends get signed up for the app and use them.

Use push notifications: Sending push notification is one of the best way to communicate with the existing users and increase engagement rates. They are very effective when you want to promote your product. Make sure that you use push notifications smartly because too many notifications may annoy users and they may delete your app permanently or may also mute notifications which will not let you to send them discount offers or other promotional stuffs.

Make use of location: In-app purchases can be improved using the customer’s location. Make sure that you integrate geofencing and location-based features in your app and take permission from users for it. Geofencing can track the current location of the user even if they don’t use the app. Depending on this current location notifications regarding brand offers or services which they are already familiar can be sent. These notifications encourages them to enter the store and purchase.

Allow numerous purchases: Set price for every new feature instead of allowing users to access all your app features with a single payment. When a user finds your app interesting then the chances of upgrading the app for new features is high. So you can increase your revenue when your user pay for each feature.

Simplify the purchase process: Make check out process simple and easy to use. People may step back when there is lot of steps to complete during the purchase. Ensure that the process ends in few steps and is not wasting user’s time.

Collect and analyze data: Gathering and analyzing data of your existing customers helps in understanding their needs. Let users earn reward points depending on their previous transactions and purchases and make them applicable for an attractive gift. This strategy encourages them to shop more and unlock new features.

Apps performance and user experiences are the important factors that matters more when you want to gain high revenue. Develop highly scalable and amazing app with the help of FuGenX. FuGenX technologies is one of the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India with highly experienced developers.

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