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Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

by Fortunesoft Innovations, from Fortunesoft IT Innovations, Inc., on Nov 22
Developing & releasing software can be a tedious process. To develop,test & release software in a hassle-free way, developers & companies have created 2 related but distinct strategies to manage & automate these processes which is termed as Dev-ops.
Continuous integration continuous delivery fortunesoft

The recent past methodologies have been time consuming causing delay in deliveries, intermittent communications with the clients and unstructured project management. Devops is the solution introduced that overcomes bottlenecks by blending the tasks performed by the development team and the operations team for better outcomes. Continuous is one word we would get to hear on a repeated mode in Devops methodologies. The two main factors that helps us release builds faster and more robust are Continuous integration, continuous delivery.   Continuous Integration It is to integrate individual modules as soon as it is developed followed by deployment process to a central repository. This would avoid isolating the development process until it is completed. This creates frequent development and release ,...

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