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Angular vs React : Who is Worthy ?

by Fortunesoft Innovations, from Fortunesoft IT Innovations, Inc., on Nov 5
With so many JavaScript frameworks available for server-side and client-side Angular and React are popular among them. Here are the key differences between the two to help you choose them effectively for your next project.
Angular vs react fortunesoft

  It's fascinating to think about why one thing becomes more popular than another. It can have a direct bearing on project’s durability and ability to fit in deadlines, further code maintainability, and scalability of your future app. The goal of this article is not to find the best technology, but to compare, highlight, and clarify few misconceptions.   Technology Angular React Type MVC framework written in JavaScript JavaScript Library that has view in MVC, however requires flux to implement architecture Concept/ Process Works by bringing JavaScript into HTML  with the real DOM client-side rendering  Works by bringing HTML into JavaScript with virtual DOM server-side rendering Data Binding Two-way data binding One-way data binding Dependencies ...

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