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Emerging Trends In Architecture

by Rayvat Engineering, from Rayvat Engineering, on Oct 22
We will Share Emerging Trends in Architectural Design. Cover 11 Detailed Topics about Current Trends in Architectural Design.
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Earthquake Resistant Architecture The growing prevalence of natural disasters such as earthquakes has necessitated a closer look at innovative housing solutions in times of emergency. Architects can solve everyday problems through innovative design, and have time and again risen to face the challenges and limitations imposed by situations enforced by disasters. There is a lot of innovative study and research that is underway in the exploration of self-construction using experimental methods of building. Reconstruction techniques for mass housing may include construction using rammed earth, and other local materials such as bamboo that is more flexible and resistant to seismic activity. These new techniques, when implemented, can not only stand up to nature’s extreme forces but will also be extremely economical,...

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