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7 coolest events this winter

by Administrator, on Oct 18
Startups, don't hibernate! Attend these events to boost your business
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Winter is time for Christmas miracle. To make your entrepreneurial dreams сome true we invite you to attend some of the biggest and influential startup events this winter: Place and date: Helsinki, December 4-5 This event is worth taking the first place. This event is worth taking the first place. Slush is the world’s leading startup event with 20000 attendees from 130 countries! The event is organised for entrepreneurs and startups on any stages from all industries. At Slush you will not find keynote speeches and open panel discussions. The main feature is one-to-one meetings with investors. How to book one? 👉 Follow the link to learn more about the event: Slush 2018 Place and date: London, December 12-14 This...

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