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Blockchain trends this autumn. Summary

by Administrator, on Oct 16
On October, 4 InnMind provided the meetup for cryptoenthusiasts “Blockchain trends this autumn”
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Remind you at the beginning of October we had a free meetup in Lausanne where we summed up the last blockchain trends, discussed the results of the summer and future trends in crypto sector. Also, the event was the first meetup with online streaming, so in the end of the article, you can find the record. Let’s sum up what we discussed. The expert was Dennis Sarkar, ICO analyst. What is blockchain? a network of nodes (computer servers) that synchronically store your data, your records from all the service connected to the network. a decentralized system: no one has control or authority; control over the information: you can definitely know who and when decided to moderate it. In the blockchain,...

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