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Process Drone Images with the simplest technology

by Durgesh Nandan, from DN Aerospace, on Oct 12
Drone is the best technology which enables the new advancements in every sector.

Drones can be useful in photography, videography, movie making, surveying etc. Drones are expanding its applications but the best application of drone is inspection and GIS Mapping. But GIS Mapping with any supportive platform is not possible. Considering a supportive platform for drone image processing and GIS Mapping, various platforms are available in the market but at a very high price but still, there is no single platform so the user must have to purchase the two-three platform for a complete mapping solution which makes more costly this service. Recently, a platform is launched by a startup (DNAEROSPACE) in New Delhi for a complete solution of mapping and drone data processing. The platform is also giving you the best data handling platform...

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