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by Leopold Ndayisaba, from E-NICE CENTER LTD, on Oct 10
An E-NICE CENTER LTD member has sent to us today an audio-video reporting by a TV French Chain against Web misdeeds. This is denounced by both some great opinions and some Big Authorities of High Tech: Under is our Statement on:
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1) In one of E-NICE CENTER LTD Constitution Preamble paragraph, it is underlined that one of the birth reasons of this online Platform is that the huge amount of information and data circulating in Web conducts a lot of users to be lost, because their spirit is quickly, not only absentminded, but also overloaded by this astronomic amount of elements. 2) Lastly, on 10th September 2018, while clarifying this reason, we declared in Facebook and LinkedIn publications that E-NICE CENTER LTD Mission is to be a virtual space for some fine, well-selected and vital initiatives for the owners, the others persons and the world. E-NICE CENTER LTD Authority is reapeting it differently in the various advertising compaigns being made actually. 3) In conclusion, E-NICE CENTER LTD esteems to...

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