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Are PBN's Worth Building Anymore?

by Brad Batdorf, from GingerHippo, on Oct 7
PBN's have and continue to be used to "game" the ranking system, and build authority for websites. But, are they really worth it anymore?
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PBN's (private blogging networks) were used extensively by companies of all sizes until 2014, when Google stepped in and shut them down. Building a PBN is in violation of Google Webmaster guidelines, and definitely a black hat SEO practice, but we are seeing both PBN's & more especially WBN's (web blogging network) being used more frequently, even by some of the largest US companies today.

GingerHippo dove into the subject of PBN's, best practices, and an overview of SEO recently, and we created some definitive best practices surrounding our industry. We encourage everyone to read our article, and comment on your feelings regarding the content provided.

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The basis behind private blogging networks, is buying relevant expired domains to an industry, re-creating a website with the newly purchased domain, then linking the domain back to what is commonly referred to as the "money site". This practice violates Google's terms of service, creating what is called a "link scheme". When using PBN's, people are attempting to game the system, rather than building natural links to a website from outside sources.

Another method people use, is called WBN's, or web blogging networks. This is similar to PBN's, but uses free blogging sites like blogger, wordpress, weebly, etc., to bulid a blogging network back to their main website. In creating websites on free blogging platforms, some will use content spinners of related content on the free blogging platform, then direct people through contextual linking back to the main website.

For the complete article regarding PBN's:

Read more about Private Blogging Networks (PBN's)

Written by:

Bradley "Rain Man" Batdorf - Owner & Principal of GingerHippo

GingerHippo is a design, search engine optimization, marketing & advertising agency, located in Minnesota.

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