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Conducting ICO in different jurisdictions (free webinar)

by Administrator, on Sep 27
InnMind provide free webinar "Conducting ICO in different jurisdictions" for entrepreneurs who are interested in ICO
Webinar ico english

ICO is still considered to be a new way to raise funds. However, recently it has been used by an increasing number of scammers, and that led to the situation when the trust to ICO significantly reduced. Now the governments of man countries take measures to protect the business and adjust current legislation system to the changing rules on the market of investments. During the webinar, we will take a look at different countries, see blockchain and crypto regulations and get insights from lawyers working in those regions. The webinar will consist of 2 parts, totally will take 1.5 hours Part I. Key facts about different jurisdictions (as well as the description of specifics and advantages of various cantons in...

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