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Tips for Small Businesses to Improve Cash Flow

by Christe Clarke, on Sep 27
Are you struggling to maintain a positive cash flow? Is cash flow management not your expertise? If yes, then opt Cogneesol for managing accounts receivable process for you.
Cash flow

Cash is important for any business and to survive; businesses need to understand their cash flow. When companies know when, where and how much money they have spent and how much money is entering into their business they can effectively manage their spending, reduce errors and plan for the future business prospects. This is especially important for small businesses who often work with limited cash reserves. Managing real-time spending is essential to survive in a business. A U.S. Bank study found that 82% of small businesses failed due to inappropriate cash flow management. Follow these tips for better cash flow management in your business:  Track your finances: To manage your business well, you need to know from where money is moving...

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