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Importance Of Smartphones In Business

by Out of Warranty, from Out of Warranty, on Aug 29
High-tech phones have played a great role in business, and they have reduced the demand of the laptops, as now you can run your business through a mobile device.
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With the time, the new models have made the business more productive than before. This article describes various features of smartphones to make people aware of them.

Easy Printing: Previous models did not have this option, but the new smartphones support connections as Wi-Fi, enabling the printer to connect with it easily. The process of getting a print directly from a phone has become possible through certain applications.

Camera: This is very helpful in business that requires a record of the images, and videos. But, due to security issues, some companies have to restrict the use by limiting it to certain areas. This feature is especially useful in a design related business, like fashion, interior, and graphic design.

Desktop Integration: Smartphone provides excellent desktop integration through various protocols. Now it's easier for you to control your desktop remotely, however such applications are useful if they work well as they are very expensive. But again only latest models come with refined applications than earlier models.

Scanning: The phone also acts as a scanner due to built-in camera through which you can take small images of certain documents including, business cards. You have to install scanning applications for this purpose moreover, there is also a provision to crop an image, or a document before saving.

GPS Tracking: GPS tracking is also modified with more useful features through which you get instructions for driving along with a complete map of the required area. This is how a business person can save much time while searching a specific place. An employer can also track the whereabouts of an employee through smartphone. This application also provides movement-logging information during certain business hours.

Better Integration with Other Software: Such phones integrate well with certain services including, Facebook, Flicker, and Twitter. Moreover, software like 'Microsoft office' or 'mobile office' is also in a good compatibility with the latest phones, making the editing process easier. Similarly, Skype can work on phones having Wi-Fi network, and this is especially useful for those who have long distance clients.

Conferencing: This is also essential in business especially video conferencing that helps to save money spent on traveling for a meeting. Though, the system is not yet very effective but, we hope to have refined features in the future.

Better Security: Security is the main issue in every business, and that's achieved through anti-malware and anti-virus, which is good for security. Moreover, the gadget also supports connections having digital certificates.

All these features have improved our business and work life.

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