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GetDoIt – The Blockchain-backed Internet Platform in Germany

by Victor Paul, PhD, from Trans Finance Solutions, on Aug 29
GetDoIt is a developer of a decentralized service platform for the global moving market with the use of blockchain technology

The GetDoIt ecosystem embraces legislation, industry standards and regulations, compliance tools, risk management, KYC and AML/CTF mechanisms. Being a German-Australian project, it follows regulations both Germany’s and Australia’s financial regulators, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The project has the following features:

•             Providing investors with reliable due diligence assessments and feasibility study calculations.

•             Giving the clear justification of all kinds of project risks and proposing the measures of risks mitigation.

•             Protecting investors’ interests and making their funds secured with the use of contemporary technology.

•             Ensuring that participants from different jurisdictions are brought into line with the ICO legal framework, taking into account the specific legal systems in Germany and Australia.

Each of us has already moved at least once in a lifetime. And therefore, it is obvious to everyone that relocation is a tough task. Inappropriate services, fake companies, unreliable service providers – those are only several problems, one has to deal with having decided to move.

Relocation itself is only the top of the iceberg. Furniture and household appliances need to be not only delivered but also demounted and remounted; in most cases, apartments or houses must be renovated. And one has to search for these services separately, comparing prices and reviews, wasting time and energy, and often paying too much at the end. It may sound strange, but there is NO appropriate portal within the jungle of Internet that one can use for finding appropriate moving services, workers, constructors, and other specialists according to one’s needs, purse, and preferences. And in our mobile world, there is a huge need for such an internet service that can be used for fast and uncomplicated search throughout the abundance of offers by moving companies and freelancers. «Traditional» services of more than 3000 existing operators in Germany have essential shortcomings:

• They are scattered among different websites.

• Universal freelance platforms have high transaction costs and are not fit to the moving industry specifics.

• The relationship between customers and services providers suffer from a lack of trust.

• No system to check the quality of services.

Altogether, the only appr. 48% of German customers are satisfied with moving services.

Basing on the exponential growth of urbanization and movement rates, as well as the huge consequent market need, the German/Australian team developed the internet portal GetDoIt. The portal is the first service in Germany that covers all spheres connected with moving: transportation and logistics, assembling of furniture and household appliances, renovation of apartments and houses, repair and maintenance. The service is also the first one in the world of this kind that is based on the blockchain. The arrangement between a customer and a contractor is executed via a smart contract, which provides automatization and a very high level of security. On the platform, one can find all services needed, which makes the whole process of moving to a piece of cake!

The platform functions as a mediator between a customer who needs definite services (transport, renovation, repair etc.) and a contractor who provides them. The group of vendors ranges from huge respected multiservice companies to freelancers. In such a way, the customer has a great variety of offers and can select the most suitable contractor, according to one’s needs, preferences, and budget. The arrangement established on our platform is controlled by our service based on blockchain using smart contracts. The quality of the work performed according to the contract is also controlled by our service. At the same time, the customers can leave comments and rate the vendors, so that it is the interests of the contractor not only to perform his job but also to do it well. To sum up, after short registration, the customer can easily find a contractor or a group of them for transporting the property, assembling furniture, renovation of both the new and the previous apartment etc. Moreover, the customer will not have any service fee at all! Due to the GetDoIt platform, everyone gets profit: the customer finds a reliable contractor, and the contractor receives an order almost for free with a minimum fee.

GetDoIt’s vision is to become the benchmark online matching platform providing both end-users of moving services and service providers in Germany with the efficient information support, leveraging the Blockchain technology. The mission of GetDoIt is to create a simplified, standardized, and semi-automated platform to facilitate the moving process. GetDoIt’s goal is to achieve success in the field of the moving-related services, disrupting inefficient solutions, and employing innovation information technologies.

At the moment, the team is performing private token presale. Visit the site and become a part of the coming future! And MORE: use your promo code GET10 to get extra 10% of Get-tokens. 

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