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ICOs’ Viability in 2018: Lean Management vs. Bubble Marketing

by Victor Paul, PhD, from Trans Finance Solutions, on Aug 23
ICO project GetDoIt shows an efficient ICO approach: the team focuses on lean project management instead of conducting a bubble marketing campaign in media
Article 8 getdoit

No doubt, ICOs marketing expenses are too high nowadays, and not every start-up can afford it. An army of ICO marketers and PR specialists propose to promote ICOs for a lot of money: $300K, $500$, $1M, and even more. Are they effective? Not always. The recent research discovers that most marketers know little about blockchain technologies and tokens sale methods. And worse, they cannot see the writing on the wall and continue to perceive ICOs as low-hanging fruits in spite of the tightened regulations and declining market. Please glance at the fresh figures: the total amount of funds collected by ICOs in 2018 decreased dramatically as a result of changed investors’ position: they start thinking of ICOs viability. Under the circumstances,...

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