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5 Tips To Get Rid Of Creative Blockage While Designing

by Alex Joseph, from Vervelogic, on Aug 17
Your brain is complex machinery which works for various aspects of your life. Like any other machinery sometimes brain also feel blocked, this is know as creative blockage.
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Your brain is complex machinery which works for various aspects of your life. Like any other machinery sometimes brain also feel blocked, this is know as creative blockage. Creative  blockage is faced not only writers, painters but also sometimes by designers as well. This kind of calamity can strike to your designer at any time. There are many kinds of creative blocks but all of them together leads to a common place where you cannot come up with any new idea. This kind of creative blockage as identified by best iphone app development company generated by perfectionism, a fear of failure etc.

No matter whichever stage a designer can be in their career, they may face creative blockage which will bring a stay in their productive approach.

In this post we will discuss five important tips to combat this creative blockage stage:

1. Be prepared

Creativity is not a constant process, it may come in highs and lows. It is very important that the creative spurt in the highs stage should not be taken for granted. Make sure to harness that time and save it for later. The inspiration may hit when you expect a least from it, so it is good to capture every time, even when sitting at home or in your drawing room. Get a notebook and write what comes into your mind. This way you can go back to your creative idea when you feel absolutely blank.

2. Accept your imperfection

At times designer who are perfectionist might feel that rather creating a flawful design, it is better to create nothing. Generally it is better to take pride in your work and keep your standards really high but this sometimes hinders the productivity as well. If you are suffering with creative blockage, then throw away your perfectionist instinct and just settle with less perfect ones. If the first draft of your app design seems rubbish to you, you can go ahead in designing it and improving at the same time.

3. Create creative boundaries

Iphone UX design experts suggest that sometimes too much creativity can become overwhelming. There can so many ideas floating in your mind that picking one out of them becomes really difficult. If you understand that getting too much choices is troubling you, then consider shunting some of them. Creating a creative boundary can actually bring better creativity in life. Your design brief should always set some limitation to work but if you are still stuck, you can put some creative boundaries of your own.

4. Take a break

At times when you are stuck with nothing, it is better to make your brain away from the situation and let your mind go here there. Several research indicates that taking regular breaks helps in focusing on unrelated things which can further helps in getting new ideas and stay focused. If you feel too much pressure, make sure to switch your focus to something else for sometime. After you return from work, you will feel much focused for new ideas and perspective.

5. Get moving

At times, it is seen that certain kind of physical activity help in making the creativity flowing. When you are stuck with creative fatigue, go for some running, dancing, gyming or listen to some music to get the idea pumping.

These are five simple ways you can avoid or combat your creative blockage and keep on creating new stuffs.

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