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Successful Alumni Are Proof Of Concept For Any MBA

by Wendy Dessler, from Outreachmama, on Aug 13
Applying for a prestigious graduate degree in business or finance takes time and research because it is important to choose a school that is recognized globally with a reputation that will help your resume stand out.
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One way to know if a school will be the best place for a student to spend their time and money is to look at the career prospects of graduates of the program. Many business and finance firms will hire employees based on which school they attended and they will sometimes do so before students graduate. Employers make hiring decisions based on the performance of graduates that come from certain schools and the school’s ability to cater its curriculum to the current industry standard. It’s important to know which schools are keeping up with current trends and how the alumni of these schools have used their education to benefit their careers.

In order to keep up with market demands, many MBA programs are taking a holistic approach to their education by placing value on professional and personal development as well as providing specialization options in different areas of business. These foundational courses allow students to choose a specialization that will make them a strong, stand-out candidate in a competitive, ever-changing market.

Many graduates of the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics have proven themselves competent in the world of business and finance. Graduates from this program hold more than 500 positions as CEOs and company presidents internationally, and over 2000 of the program’s alumni have also founded their own businesses and have become the owners of ever-growing companies. The school is an internationally-recognized, AACSB accredited school with a curriculum focused on creating skilled and desirable employees.

Many part-time MBA program graduates are now thriving in various leadership positions such as directors of sales, advisory consultants, vice-presidents, and many grads have become business owners. Many graduate success stories give credit to the fact that they were drawn to the option to take the program part-time. Alumni consistently praise the responsiveness of faculty and emphasis the program puts on connecting with others.

Raheem Hirji (MBA 2010), a VP of Finance at Seasons Retirement Communities, credits the Integrated Core program for allowing him to experience a number of disciplines simultaneously and respond to challenges accordingly. The Integrated Core program focuses on eight components including strategic management, marketing, financial management, organizational behaviour, operations management, economics, accounting, and business analytics. Exposure to these different skills makes students more adaptable to the specific demands of the business and finance sectors, and to move laterally between them.

Schools like this offer flexibility in subject matter as well as a balance between hours spent working with textbooks and time spent outside the classroom networking. With campuses centred in financial districts across the globe, many part-time study options are available, drawing in students who want to study while they are working full-time.

The option for part-time study — especially in a city like Toronto — is appealing to many career-minded individuals who want to be in the centre of the action while earning a respected degree in a major city. For someone who is looking for a change and wants to work, network and study at the same time, an MBA could be the best next step.

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