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Why Is Employee Motivation Important (and How to Increase It)

by Isla Wright, on Aug 13
It’s often said that employees are the most important part of any company because in the end, they are the ones getting the job done.

This is true even today when the technology and infrastructure it creates play an increasingly big role in business success. This means that working on motivating the employees is one of the biggest tasks HR can have. It can also be a tricky one because you can’t compete with many of the companies in your field in terms of resources available.

A modern office environment

The importance of motivation becomes even greater in a modern office environment. A corporate office is usually a very challenging place because there’s always important work to be done, and office politics often takes up a lot of the time and energy from everyone involved.

The changes in the ways we see employment and office management are also influencing employee motivation. Those who work remotely and in a freelance capacity have a different approach to work and HR departments need to find a way to bring them into the company culture and motivate them.

The savings

It’s important to note that taking the time to motivate your employees to work better and more productively, isn’t just about creating an office environment that they can enjoy. It’s also a way for the company to save on labor and make the most out of its workforce.

Workers who feel that the company takes care of them and sees them as something more than a temporary employee, are more loyal to the business and they are more willing to give their best on tasks that need to be done.

Small tokens

It’s usually the small gestures and small tokens of appreciation that mean the most for motivating employees. This also means that even the smallest of companies can compete with the best of them since money isn’t really a motivating factor for that many employees.

Sometimes it’s enough to give out small gifts such as a prepaid card from Hong Kong that can be exchanged for a purchase, and the employees will feel appreciated and more motivated. It’s best if these gifts aren’t given for a special occasion but just as a way of establishing a connection with the employees.

Free time

Given how draining and difficult it can be to keep up with the tasks of a modern office, free time can often be one of the best motivating factors a company can use. There are a few ways this can be accomplished. The most obvious one is to provide longer paid vacations for all employees.

An occasional day off or an unexpected long weekend can also mean a lot. It’s best to award these to the employees that need a break and that are struggling at the moment. The point of these isn’t just to show appreciation but to keep the employees productive.

Creating a career path

Most employees dread staying in the same job for years and not advancing in their career and professional lives. That’s why most employees switch jobs regardless of the financial ramifications. This can be prevented by creating a clear career path for your employees that will guarantee that they will advance within the company as time goes by.

This isn’t just about motivation. It’s also a useful tool for minimizing and mitigating office conflict that happens in every company when careers are on the line.

The data

In order to help the employees find motivation for their work you need to have a clear understanding of how an employee works and what their role in your operation is. This is a very precise question which can be solved with data about their work, which is collected over time, and using modern office organization tools and applications.

It’s best if employees are aware that their work is being monitored and that they need to pay attention to how they save and send data within the office. This is both more honest and provides better results.


The HR department needs to try to motivate the employees and create an environment that makes work engaging and productive.

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