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Why Entrepreneurs Are Working With Online Coaching & Mentors

by Sam Jones, on Aug 12
A closer look at why many new start up companies are using coaching and mentoring to speed up their success rate.

In the race to stand out as a promising startup, entrepreneurs do not only strive to outdo or outperform their competitors, they also endeavor to turn the spotlight to themselves so as to gain VCs or angel investors' confidence. What will be one of their biggest challenges is attaining the trust of these investors. Due to the fact that these startups entrepreneurs are young and have little or no experience in performing at the top level, a lot of them are now searching for services on the Internet which can provide them with the mentorship and guidance they need.

1. Very Little Experience

Although these young startups are energetic, filled with enthusiasm and are highly creative, they are still a greenhorn in the trenches. Obstacles and adversities come on a daily basis and business owners must always be ready to face them head-on and deal with them quickly for the business operations to move forward. But in the case where the operations are hindered by indecision because of inexperience or understanding on the part of the entrepreneur, the business will be grounded which leads to a state of doubt.

2. Doubting Themselves

At first, the majority of these startups begin with so much energy, courage and enthusiasm, but later when they come to realize what it actually takes to succeed, the owners start doubting themselves as the fear of failure begins to pop up in their mind and burden them with stress and anxiety. Working with a life coach will enable them to confront these obstacles without fear and surmount them. The level of experience these coaches have is capable of guiding the entrepreneur to overcome their low self-confidence personality.

3. Networking

Many coaches have a large network and database of individuals with vast knowledge and experience which entrepreneurs can access to help them move quickly from being just a startup to an established organization. As a newcomer in any industry, entrepreneurs don't know as many people or have as many connections as the well-seasoned veteran who has been in that industry for years. Being able to align themselves with this coach, will enable the entrepreneurs to cash in on the advantages of being associating with them.

4. Inspiration

Staying focused on the positives and constantly sharpening your mind and wit are crucial for young business leaders as it's very easy for them to become depressed when setbacks of any kind hit them. On a daily basis these businesses will go through circumstances they didn't account for or things not going as planned, which makes it necessary for them to hire an online coach who can guide them through these situations and ensure they stay motivated when they feel like calling it quits. Well-versed coaches are capable of employing techniques such as NLP and priming to ensure clients are working at a high level.

Though online coaching and mentorship services are really expensive, VC’s have started making it an essential part of their organizations to help ensure the success of the new startup.

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