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5 Reasons To Master Money Management in College

by Michelle Laurey, on Jul 11
Money management is one of the most important skills you can learn, but few people receive formal education in this area. The result is that many adults struggle with huge debt balances, low credit scores and other challenges for many years.
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As a young adult in college, your financial actions now may have a significant impact on your life for times to come. While this could be a positive impact, it can also be detrimental if done wrong. You are fixated on making ends meet on a tight student’s budget and trying to earn great grades in your classes, but you also need to improve your knowledge of financial management, budgeting, and other related concepts. Proper education about money handling and directed efforts in this area can help you throughout the rest of your life.   1. Avoid Student Loans Student loans are one of the more common ways for college students to pay for their education. But, college graduates...

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